"Do Not Buy or Play" Halo 5, Singer Says

Breaking Benjamin's singer doesn't like Halo 5, either.


Having already lashed out at EA's Star Wars Battlefront, calling the DICE-developed sci-fi shooter a "piece of sh**," among other things, Breaking Benjamin singer Benjamin Burnley is now taking aim at Microsoft's Halo 5: Guardians.

The 37-year-old singer shared a picture on Instagram of an Xbox One controller he destroyed (apparently the second one to suffer that fate) after having a particularly bad time with the game. He also penned a fiery caption, advising people to steer clear of the game because "it sucks period."

Below is Burnley's complete, unedited caption for the image.

"Another controller lost to this abysmal piece of crap game called halo 5 if you get kills in this game it's because you're connection is better .. Not skill period .. Halo 5 owes me 2 controllers about 25 wraiths, Scorpions, ghosts and countless power weapons .. Every time I give the game a chance it gets worse .. It sucks period!! Do not buy or play this game!!!!"

This is actually the second time this week that Burnley has spoken out against Halo 5. Earlier in the week, he posted an image on Instagram of Halo 5's box with the caption: "If you like getting ripped off .. Then this games for you."

In the case of Battlefront, Burnley--a big Star Wars fan--said he was approached by someone working on EA's behalf who asked him if he would speak positively about the game on his social channels. He said he'd be happy to--if he enjoyed the game. But obviously, he didn't. He proceeded to list off all the reasons why he thinks the game "sucks sh**."

For Halo 5, Burnley hasn't said anything about being asked to promote the game. It looks like he just really doesn't like it. Burnley has a connection to Halo, as Breaking Benjamin's "Blow Me Away" is featured on the Halo 2 official soundtrack.

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