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DNF Duel Guard Cancel Explained

Sick of blocking oppressive pressure in DNF Duel? Learn about Guard Cancel with our explainer and get yourself some breathing room.


Characters in DNF Duel have very high power compared to most other fighting games, and many are able to bypass neutral with their long-range moves, advancing special moves, and more, enabling them to quickly create powerfully oppressive scenarios. Once you are blocking, your defensive options are limited, and they can vary depending on which character you play. Ghost Blade may have an invincible teleport move he can use to escape predictable strings, but he doesn’t have an invincible reversal like Berserker (and most other characters), and even then, you need to look for gaps in your opponent's pressure to be able to use it. Luckily, there is a defensive mechanic that every character can use while blocking: Guard Cancel.

What Is Guard Cancel?

Guard Cancel is a special move that can only be used while you are blocking. After you begin blocking a string of attacks from your opponent, press Forward + Y + B (Forward + Triangle + Circle on PlayStation). This technique can only be used while you are in blockstun, and it will initiate an invincible counter-attack, blasting your opponent away from you, resetting the situation to ‘neutral’ and giving you some breathing room.

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To use this technique, you’ll need 100 Mana, which is the amount every character starts a round with. Unlike other special moves, you must have the entire 100 Mana to use it. Other special moves can be used with less than their required amount at the cost of a longer Mana recharge time.

This means if you go wild with your other special moves and then you begin blocking, you may not have enough Mana for a Guard Cancel. Keep this in mind while you are planning your offense. It should also be noted that, while in certain circumstances Guard Cancel is similar to an invincible reversal, Guard Cancel cannot kill your opponent.

If your character also has an invincible reversal, be sure to incorporate that and Guard Cancels regularly to keep your opponent guessing. Remember, the less predictable your defense is, the less your opponent will be able to exploit it.

Where to find the Guard Cancel tutorial

There are lots of tutorials in DNF Duel. The Guard Cancel one is hidden within the 'Defensive Techniques' module.
There are lots of tutorials in DNF Duel. The Guard Cancel one is hidden within the 'Defensive Techniques' module.

You can practice Guard Cancel in the Tutorial by selecting Practice Mode -> Tutorial -> select your character, then selecting Defensive Techniques. It is the third section of that Tutorial, so proceed through the Block and Guard Break sections to reach it.

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