DLC for Lumines Live! dropping onto XBL

One skin, two content packs for puzzler coming to Xbox Live next week; Microsoft offering promotional prices for four weeks.


Lumines Live!

Microsoft today announced the second round of downloadable content for its Xbox Live Arcade puzzle game, Lumines Live!. As part of next week's Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays program, three new pieces of content will be released on January 24.

The Puzzle/Mission Pack adds 90 puzzles and 40 missions to the game's puzzle and mission modes, the Vs. CPU Pack adds an unspecified number of versus CPU levels, and the Heavenly Star Skin adds a new background and features the song from the musical group Genki Rockets "Heavenly Star."

Microsoft is trying a new pricing scheme for the content. The publisher will offer the Puzzle/Mission and Vs. CPU packs for 100 Microsoft Points ($1.25) each from January 24 to February 21. After that time period, the cost will move up to 300 Microsoft Points ($3.75). The Heavenly Star Skin will be available free for Xbox Live Gold Members through February 21. Microsoft did not say whether it will be downloadable after that time.

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