DJ Qbert scratching up DJ Hero 2?

Source: UK industry news site What we heard: Having already rocked over $2 billion out of Guitar Hero, Activision is expanding its rhythm game empire into other musical genres. On October 27, it will go after hip-hop, techno, and club-music fans' dollars with DJ Hero, a...


Source: UK industry news site

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What we heard: Having already rocked over $2 billion out of Guitar Hero, Activision is expanding its rhythm game empire into other musical genres. On October 27, it will go after hip-hop, techno, and club-music fans' dollars with DJ Hero, a turntable-peripheral based title from its UK-based studio, FreeStyle Games. In development for the Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 2, the game will feature such prominent acts as Daft Punk, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, J.Period, Z-Trip, Grandmaster Flash, and the late DJ AM. (The game will also feature emcees Eminem and Jay-Z.)

Though it remains to be seen how many consumers will plunk down $120 for the standard edition of DJ Hero--let alone $200 for the renegade edition--a sequel is apparently already in the works. sources claim that "at least one independent UK games developer is already liaising with Activision's FreeStyleGames on DJ Hero 2." also reports that groundbreaking turntablist DJ Qbert has "been approached" to be in the sequel. In the 1990s, DJ Qbert (real name Richard Quitevis) was a founding member of the San Francisco Bay Area group the Invisibl Skratch Piklz and was a three-time victor at the DMC World DJ Championship. If confirmed, it would be the third game appearance for Qbert, whose music was used in the original Tony Hawk's Underground, in which the DJ was also a playable character, and FreQuency, the 2001 PlayStation 2 rhythm title from original Guitar Hero developer Harmonix.

The official story: "Activision does not comment on rumors or speculation."--An Activision representative.

Bogus or not bogus?: Not bogus that a DJ Hero sequel is assured. According to the NPD Group, rhythm game genre revenues are down 46 percent through August 2009, meaning Activision will be looking at every opportunity to exploit--and re-exploit--any untapped markets. Whether DJ Qbert will be part of a future project, however, remains to be seen.

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This is a F*****g joke...right?!?!

Avatar image for Timbydude

Aw, I thought "DJ Qbert" was referring to the little orange guy who jumps on cubes, decked out in turntablist getup. Maybe some day...

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wow, all activision has to offer us is sequels..they should have never gave up brutal legend.

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You know I stopped caring about Activision's music games a long time ago

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I wouldn't be surprised if Activision surprise released it a month after the first one.

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Who wouldn't be surprised to see a sequel. Sheeze.

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coldsauce, Have you not noticed that there will be 5 Guitar Hero games out at once this year? They're not just milking the "gangstas and hiphopers". This game has very little to do with "gangstas". Let's not lump all hip-hop into one group. That would be like saying Guitar Hero was milking all the "headbangers and hippies"...

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2nd title already? activision really knows how to milk those gangstas and hiphopers.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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u guys know its fake right>

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a second one is in the works? you mean they're copying and pasting the code to a different file?

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lol you guys obviously missed the point. By the time you spent all your money buying all the guitar heros and DLC, you could of bought a nice guitar and amp. You buy Rock band and all its little goodies when you could of got a nice roland drum kit. And this game is a waste because you buy the game and the DLC when you could of bought yourself some turntables. I never said they would be top notch. Believe me I know, I own a guitar, two keyboards and software thats worth more than a car.

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I think that they aren't even going to release DJ hero 1. It's all a scheme. DJ here 2 will be the true first release of the franchise, built on the hype of the lost DJ hero 1 :) Oh and seriously, Just go and learn to spin the real thing. I played the demo, since it ur not really mixing, I don't really understand the point....

Avatar image for gatsbythepig

Seriously? A second one, I can't believe anyone bought the first.

Avatar image for djmiranda15

W T F ? ALREADY!? You have got to be kidding us. There is no way you can be planning for a sequel to a still unreleased franchise. That's the absurdest milkage of all time. Somebody please hit the guy who came up with this with a pipe. Maybe it will reset his ideas.

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@Lucho_21 too late they already announced GH9

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As long as my school isn't struck with a wannabe deejaaay fad, then sure.

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@Gorilla97 Shut up you twit. If you want to keep buying your Pokemon games, would you like it if people started talking sh*t and saying not to buy it? You don't like a series, don't buy it. They made 2 BILLION with this franchise, it's quite obvious people want it.

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i hope DJ Hero, Band Hero and Guitar Hero: Van Halen bomb miserably! it's about a sure thing GHVH will anyway, but enough is enough Activision!!! out of protest, i know i won't be buying any of these games and i hope nobody else does either.

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Um, what? Seriously Activision? Milking a new franchise before it even comes out? Just no. They know if DJ Hero takes off, then another developer will make something better. Probably trying to get as much revenue as possible from it before that happens.

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Gosh, will they EVER stop with the Hero crap?

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Slayer you got it dead on. I remember when I bought my first set of Technics B1's, Numark needles, and a Gemini mixer back in the day. Two turns and a mixer would bankrupt most of these fanboys hooking it all up to their "ghetto boombox". Ha! Discuss the game but please don't talk about real DJing (and those CD turntables as well as those who use them are truly wack) unless you know what you're talking about.

Avatar image for Harerazer

Seeing as how Q's already designed his own turntable I wonder if he'll have input on a "version 2" turntable controller for DJH2. Gotta agree tho that making any serious inroads on a sequel before the original is out is a questionable move at best...then again, this is Activision. They plan sequels to their employees' kids.

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mightEone said: "Go to guitar center and buy a real DJ kit for the same price. " @ mightEone That's a lie. You are not going to get a kit for the price of DJ hero. If you got the cheapest gear possible it would still cost about $250 with two pieces of vinyl and for that price you may as well say your money because the gear would be garbage. Have fun trying to match beats on a $60 dollar turntables. :p Spinning is not a cheap hobby. Needles will be replace and vinyl must be bought.

Avatar image for SlayerX13

Are you really trying to compare the price of DJ Hero to two turntables, two needles, a mixer, headphones, speakers, and a stack of vinyl? Really? You guys have no idea what you're talking about.Just one good turntable cost more than a gaming console. Just one. Anyone that brings up CD mixers should be kicked in the nuts. That's not spinning, it's cheating.

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I totally agree with the buying a real DJ kit part of your comment. I used to mess with turntables a couple years ago, but they weren't mine, and I was pretty good. If I even CONSIDER buying this game then I'm going to smack myself and buy some real DJ tools on that very same day. No matter the reviews, I will not support this stupid game. GH and Rock Band are fun, though a prefer the real thing, but this is just going too far.

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what about get ur own dj set insted of a toy? and there is 55% that the sequels gona suck

Avatar image for mightEone

Wow, I can't believe Activision turned into EA x2. This game has yet to be released and a sequel is on the way. Who would buy this? Go to guitar center and buy a real DJ kit for the same price. Guess what, you can remix any song if you do that! Not pretend to on a toy game.

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Dang They got one that's not even out yet! Well as long as it's good, it's fine with me.

Avatar image for soulless4now

Activision is officially the "new" EA now.

Avatar image for CharlesSteak

What a f'n letdown! I click on potentially interesting article about DJ Qbert. Lo and Behold, some idiot actually decided he thought it would be cool to call himself DJ Qbert. I thought for sure this would be the much anticipated return of Q-Bert. Incidentally, Q-bert is ripe for a VC/Xbox Arcade/Whatever PS3 is sporting these days- release

Avatar image for Expo_Smacko

Interesting, considering the first isn't even out yet. Fail much?

Avatar image for arcelonious

Qbert is the DJ that got me into the DJ scene. I've got every Turntable TV videotape from the nineties. Seeing him, Mixmaster Mike, Shortkut, and D-Styles tear it up live in hip hop shows back in the late nineties was some of the best times I've had. Q is definitely a living legend in the hip hop and music community. Not that I would ever buy DJ Hero seeing as I have real turntables.

Avatar image for *AlexSheath

Lesson 1 in how to shoot yourself in the foot. Build hype around the launch of a newer better version of a game that hasn't even released the 1st version yet. Nice one. I was going to buy DJ Hero, but I think I'll wait for the Q-Bert version now.

Avatar image for Lucho_21

they are talking already about DJ hero 2??? lol maybe tomorrow they will announce guitar hero 6.

Avatar image for Deranged_Devil

Just shows that Activision cares only about profit, nothing more.

Avatar image for bluezy

Just give me DJ Hero: Daft Punk.

Avatar image for saturo123

haha the game isn't even out yet and they are talking about a 2nd one.... Jesus

Avatar image for killer_rabbit20

The room of people who cares about Activision sequels... *points to an empty room*

Avatar image for baystatethrashr

can we make a rule that says that we never bring up a sequel when the first one has yet to be released.

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Avatar image for GranmastaZoSo

If you havent heard of Qbert and consider yourself knowledgeable in this area.....Get out!

Avatar image for svaubel

Good lord the first one isnt even out and they are already milking their newest franchise? And I thought Activision could sink no lower.

Avatar image for soysauceinferno

Neosword Posted Oct 1, 2009 12:42 am GMT I consider myself pretty knowledgeable in this area, and I have never heard of him before. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WOW if you consider yourself knowledgeable in turntablism, and you have never heard of qbert, you are either a complete idiot or a complete tool, he is only the greatest person to scratch on a turntable ever.... hands down, no contest.

Avatar image for JaksCreed

So if the first one bombs, they are still making a second one?

Avatar image for grant4500neo

this is really frustrating. I hate that activision won't stop

Avatar image for Phazon_Killer

i swear activision is milking these hero games one after another, i swear band hero?? isnt that was guitar hero is for, DJ Hero is cool but already a sequel? wuts next? guitar hero 6 coming out next summer?

Avatar image for missonrs

wait hold on the first one isn't even out!!! I hope this series doesn't turn out like the guitar hero ds games.

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