DJ Hero confirmed for Wii, 360, 'PlayStation'

Launch of teaser site confirms turntablist Guitar Hero spin-off will come to Microsoft console and at least one of Sony's platforms; Nintendo edition reconfirmed.


As part of its record-setting earnings report last month, Activision Blizzard confirmed that it was releasing DJ Hero this year. In a conference call with analysts, executives said that the Guitar Hero spin-off would be specifically hitting the Nintendo Wii and "a variety of platforms." Other than to express their enthusiasm, they declined to get more specific.

NOTE: Derrick Carter, Carl Cox, and Mix Master Mike not included.
NOTE: Derrick Carter, Carl Cox, and Mix Master Mike not included.

Today, though, Activision launched a teaser site for DJ Hero, which is rumored to feature a turntable peripheral similar to Guitar Hero's simulated instrument. Though it offers no new announcements, the site features official logos that reconfirm the Wii edition and reveal that the game is coming to the Xbox 360. The presence of an Xbox Live logo indicates that it will also have an online component of some kind.

Finally, the presence of the PlayStation logo indicates that the game will arrive for at least one of Sony's two consoles currently on the market. A PlayStation 3 version is all but assured, given that Activision has publically aired doubts about releasing new games for the PlayStation 2. In the same conference call referenced above, executives said that their continued support of the aging console--which was released in late 2000--is contingent on Sony cutting its price. Currently, the PS2 sells for $129.99 in North America.

Notably absent on the DJ Hero site are logos for the PC, DS, or the PSP, which has its own dedicated logo. Guitar Hero III was ported to the PC (and Mac) by Asypr in 2007, but no further series installments have been released for home computers. And though Activision has never released a rhythm game for the PSP, a DS DJ Hero is a possibility, given the wild popularity of Guitar Hero: On Tour and its sequel, Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades.

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