Division 2 Update Makes Episode 1 Available To All

Load up, Agents, you're going on an expedition.


We were introduced to The Division 2's new Expeditions feature during Ubsioft's E3 2019 press conference. The first of a three-part episode series, titled Episode 1: DC Outskirts - Expeditions, went live last week for those who own a Year One Pass. Now, Ubisoft has announced that Episode 1 is available to all The Division 2 owners.

Episode 1 adds two new main missions and a new Expeditions experience, which introduces weekly, exploration-driven challenges. You will travel to two new settings: Manning National Zoo and Camp White Oak. The former will see you "explore 11 different biomes to confront the leader of the Outcasts," while the latter will have you "hunt down a traitor." You will also head to Kenly College, where you can earn rewards by "exploring, investigating, and solving puzzles to uncover the fate of a lost convoy."

According to a press release, this wide-spread launch of Episode 1 comes with a care package. The care package, available now through Tuesday, August 13 for free, contains three pieces of equipment and more. What the contents are specifically hasn't been clarified, but you can access the package by going into your mailbox in the stash.

Expeditions are free events split into three different wings that release weekly. The first, which takes you to Kenly College, will give you access to an exclusive treasure room with a new exotic weapon (Diamondback Rifle), exotic gear (BTSU Datagloves), and two more weapons (Stoner LMB and Carbine 7) for finishing all three wings.

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