Divinity: Original Sin 2 Reaches Stretch Goals Before They're Even Announced

More skills and a mode designed for the most hardcore players.


The Kickstarter campaign for Divinity: Original Sin II quickly became a successful one, and it still has more than a month to attract additional funding. That money will go toward stretch goals, some of which began being unlocked before they were announced today.

Larian Studios has outlined the crowdfunding campaign's first six stretch goals, covering everything it might reach up to $1.5 million. Two of these are already happening, starting with Strategist mode.

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By surpassing $700,000, Original Sin 2 will ship with this new mode, which amounts to a higher difficulty level. Rather than simply making things tougher, though, Larian intends to offer a different sort of experience. In addition to more difficult enemies, "[e]ach and every fight in the game will be redesigned for Strategist Mode so that enemies are smarter, often come in greater numbers, and use a host of skills and tactics they won't use in lower difficulty modes." This is compared to the Tactician mode in Original Sin's upcoming Enhanced Edition.

The Kickstarter has also topped the $850,000 mark, which means backers will get to choose an additional skill tree. After the campaign is over, multiple options will be presented to backers, with each including "at least 16 skills." Eight of these are briefly described in a Kickstarter update and include things like Summoning Master, Trap Master, and Bard. The $1.35 million stretch goal, if reached, will allow backers to vote for a second skill tree to be included.

Among the other stretch goals still to be met are the addition of race-specific skills, abilities, and talents ($1 million); the undead as a playable race ($1.2 million); and a new location, the Hall of Echoes ($1.5 million).

Original Sin 2 was announced earlier in August before arriving on Kickstarter. Larian was asking for just $500,000 to help further flesh out the game, an amount it exceeded in less than 12 hours. As of this writing, it's sitting at $874,720 from a total of 19,502 backers.

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