Divinity: Original Sin 2 Reaches Funding Goal in Less Than 12 Hours

Larian raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for its upcoming RPG sequel.


Divinity: Original Sin II's crowdfunding campaign was a quick success. The project went up yesterday, August 26, and needed less than day to reach its $500,000 target. At press time, the campaign stands at $659,616 from more than 15,000 backers--and there are still 33 days left to go.

The first Divinity: Original Sin, which GameSpot awarded PC Game of the Year in 2014, was also funded on Kickstarter. What's different this time around, however, is that developer Larian Studios is only using the funds for additional content, including more skill schools, talents, abilities, and spells.

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"You are all amazing!" Larian said in a Kickstarter update about the game's funding milestone. "Who would've predicted that a pitch built around adding extra dialog options and origin stories to a complex RPG would be capable of mobilizing so many people so fast?

"For RPG developers like us, it's like a dream come true," the developer added. "You are allowing us to create deep complex RPG experiences that we love to make and we're so very grateful to all of you!"

By comparison, the first Divinity: Origin Sin needed 12 days to reach its funding goal.

The Larian team is currently in Seattle, preparing to show the game at PAX Prime. A prototype will be playable on the show floor. Larian's Swen Vincke and Thomas Muylle will appear on GameSpot's live show at PAX Prime tomorrow, August 28, to talk more about Original Sin II.

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You can also check out GameSpot's in-depth interview with Larian that covers the game's complex, layered interactions and more.

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