Divinity: Original Sin 2 Adds These New Features After Raising $1.85 Million

If funding reaches $2 million, an exciting-sounding Game Master mode will be added.


As the Kickstarter campaign for Divinity: Original Sin II enters its final 24 hours, funds continue to pour in, meaning the PC role-playing game will have more features than previously planned.

The game's $1.75 million stretch goal--Love & Hate--has now been unlocked. This is a new game system themed around "dynamic relationships." It includes the ability to form friendships and rivalries, but also lets your in-game characters fall in love.

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Combined with extra funds from PayPal, the crowdfunding campaign for Original Sin II has exceeded $1.85 million, which means another stretch goal--Shapeshifting Mask--has been reached. This mask allows players to take on different roles on the fly; one example provided was morphing from a human to a lizard.

There is now just one final stretch goal to reach. Should funding hit $2 million, Larian will add a new "Game Master" mode that the studio says "goes far beyond anything else we've tried in a Divinity game." GM Mode, as it's called, lets players create their own dungeons and change their attributes on the fly as other players move from them. You can add new enemies and manipulate the environment to make a dungeon run even more challenging for other players. Or you can use your powers for good.

"Or give them an in-depth, personalized gaming experience...If you're one of these 'reasonable' people," Larian said.

In addition, Larian has announced a special 24-hour "Twitchathon" broadcast to close out the final day of crowdfunding. The broadcast will feature special guests and developer commentary, and you can watch the entire event right here on Twitch.

Finally, Larian has announced a partnership with The Witcher developer CD Projekt's GOG.com digital distribution hub for a "community brainstorming session." As part of this, GOG is pledging $10,000 to the Original Sin II Kickstarter campaign and will help community members develop a character that Larian will later implement in the full game. You can submit your idea here

Original Sin 2 has far surpassed its Kickstarter goal of raising $500,000. As with Original Sin, Larian is using this funding not to build the game, but to expand it beyond what its budget would otherwise permit. Things turned out well with the previous game, which GameSpot named its PC Game of the Year for 2014.

The game is currently slated for release in December 2016. Among the improvements it'll offer are four-player co-op support, a new crafting system, skill crafting, and competitive questing.

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