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Divinity: Fallen Heroes Is An XCOM-Like Sequel To Original Sin 2

Old friends will return.


Divinity: Fallen Heroes is an upcoming sequel to Divinity: Original Sin II. A tactics-focused game, much like XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Fallen Heroes is being developed in co-production with Logic Artists, a studio known for creating strategy RPGs like Clandestine and Expeditions: Vikings.

According to a Larian Studios press release, in Fallen Heroes, you'll delve "deeper into the world of Rivellon as you command your troops aboard the Lady Vengeance. Explore new lands and wield new weapons and skills. Build your squad and vanquish never-before seen corners of Rivellon." The game will feature both single player and two-player coop.

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Several characters from Original Sin II return to help you fight on your quest, including Malady, Fane, Ifan, Lohse, Sebille, Red Emperor, and Beast. Combat is tactical, forcing you to make calculated decisions on the battlefield and challenging you to strategize prior to every encounter. The hub you'll return to between missions is a flying battleship called Lady Vengeance. It's there you'll manage your crew, influencing their relationships in how you interact with them.

Fallen Heroes introduces gun powder into the world of Divinity, allowing characters to wield firearms for the first time in the franchise. A new surface, called Sulfurium, has been introduced as well. Read more about the game from Larian Studios' synopsis below.

  • Play with mysterious hero character Malady for the first time in a Divinity game, as well as an all-new character. Or take control of the famous Godwoken.
  • Select from 30+ different unit types to create the perfect squad and equip them with over 200 skills
  • Decide which technology to research and what artifacts to obtain to give your troops that extra oomph
  • Unlock devastating source powers for your flying battleship, The Lady Vengeance, that will turn the tide of battle
  • Recruit unique veteran troops but be careful: if you lose them in battle, they are gone for good!

Divinity: Fallen Heroes is scheduled to release on "multiple platforms" later this year. If you haven't played it yet, consider picking up Divinity: Original Sin II. In our review, we gave the game a 10/10, and the title went on to be one of our favorites of 2017. It's definitive edition is also one of our best reissued games of 2018.

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