Dissidia sequel struck by Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning

Square Enix reveals new installment, characters for PSP fighting game spin-off as latest console RPG hits Xbox 360 in home country with "Ultimate Hits International" version.


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Last year's Final Fantasy fighting game spin-off for the PSP is getting a rematch. According to an Andriasang translation of the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, a new Dissidia is planned for release next year.

Lightning will mix it up in the next Dissidia title.
Lightning will mix it up in the next Dissidia title.

Dubbed "Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy," the game will follow in its predecessor's mold of mixing characters from throughout the storied franchise's lengthy history. Already confirmed for the game are Final Fantasy XIII protagonist Lightning and Final Fantasy IV's lance-wielding dragoon Kain.

The original Dissidia featured more than 20 characters from the first dozen Final Fantasy games, all of whom were called into battle by warring gods. In addition to series protagonists, such as Squall, Cloud, and Tidus, the roster included more villainous entrants such as Sephiroth.

Lightning has one more stop before she can appear in the new Dissidia, as Square Enix updated its official Final Fantasy XIII site to note that the Xbox 360 edition of the game--previously released only in the West--will make its Japanese debut by year's end. The Ultimate Hits International edition of the game will come with an easy mode, a bonus Corridor of Memory booklet, and a novel chronicling the game's aftermath. It launches on Japanese Xbox 360s December 16 for ¥4,980 ($59).

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