Dissidia leads PSP assault on PSN

PlayStation Store Update: Square Enix's latest Final Fantasy headlines 11 new games for Sony's online store; PS3 gets Military Madness: Nectaris, Numblast; Gex becomes PSOne Classic.


The PSP Go may not have a UMD drive, but gamers certainly haven't been left wanting for selection. In the weeks following the device's October 1 launch, Sony has stocked the PlayStation Network's PlayStation Store with downloadable versions of the PSP's library, and that continued this week with 11 more games added to the collection.

There are so many, but can we take them all??
There are so many, but can we take them all??

This week's PSP offerings are split evenly between the Everyone 10 and Older crowd and the T for Teen audience. Square Enix's highly regarded Dissidia Final Fantasy leads the offerings for slightly older audiences and carries a $39.99 price tag. Crimson Room: Reverse ($7.99), Class of Heroes ($39.99), Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron PSP ($29.99), and Star Wars Clone Wars: Republic Heroes ($29.99) have also been added to the PSN.

Younger gamers can pick up downloadable versions of Ben 10 Alien Force ($19.99), Ben 10: Protector of Earth ($14.99), Ghostbusters The Video Game PSP ($29.99), Dungeon Maker: Hunting Ground ($14.99), Creature Defense ($7.99), and Numblast PSP ($4.99).

The PlayStation 3 isn't without its own downloadable fare this week. Military Madness: Nectaris is a turn-based military strategy game that features online competitive and cooperative modes. It is available for $9.99. Also a new PSP addition, Numblast is a number-heavy puzzle game that runs for $4.99. PSP and PS3 gamers can also pick up Crystal Dynamics' PSOne Classic Gex for $5.99.

A full list of the week's new PlayStation Store content, including themes, wallpapers, demos, and add-on content, is available on the official PlayStation Blog.

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Avatar image for CloudKicker9

Something about Sony failing with the PSP? I think not! Look at all the great games from the present and past that they have to offer? Simply grand.

Avatar image for BaronSector

@Spartan-1775 I still need to think about it...

Avatar image for Spartan-1775

@BaronSector I mean just buy the actually UMD copies of the game, though I will admit they already released both of them at the Japanese PSN so it might come to the others soon

Avatar image for Jabstor

@Marvi_I Im sure you can buy games online with the 3000. But the bad thing is when you buy online from the PSN store you cant return it as with the UMD you can. The good thing for buying online though is that you dont need to worry if your games get scartched. So it is up to you in the end.

Avatar image for Marvi_I

@Jabstor and others Can you buy games like you do on the Go, on the 3000 aswell, or is it purely UMD?

Avatar image for Marvi_I

@Jabstor What about if it isn't pre-owned? Same price on UMD as on PSP Go?

Avatar image for NuKkU

man i need to get Dissidia

Avatar image for x-2tha-z

I just checked. The UK only got Ghostbusters and Battlefront. I feel sorry for people from the UK who bought a PSP Go. Such a waste of money.

Avatar image for x-2tha-z

I wonder how much new content the UK PSN got. So far the UK PS store hasn't got half as much as the US store.

Avatar image for BaronSector

@Spartan-1775 Ive already checked using Media Go, I cant find either of them in the PS Store.

Avatar image for Land-0-Funk

Time to fill up that 16 GB memory stick I just picked up :D

Avatar image for sigerzx

My God! Sony has so much software at the moment, its awesome! just wish I was richer! :P

Avatar image for AmnesiaHaze

i mean decrease ^^

Avatar image for AmnesiaHaze

yeah and you can install it on the memory from umd to increase loading times as well

Avatar image for Jabstor

@Marvi_I Yeah i say they are cheaper on umd if your not bothered by it being preowned because you get a UMD game that is cheaper by a half then in the PSN Store.

Avatar image for Spartan-1775

@BaronSector you could probably pick up both versions of the game (Portable Ops and Portable Ops +) for $20

Avatar image for MetallicFPSNut

It figures that Final Fantasy nuts would buy anything w/ Sephiroth in it...even a mediocre fighting game.

Avatar image for MetallicFPSNut

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for Dualmask

Dissidia is a great game, if the demo I played is any indication, but charging $39.99 for a downloadable copy when I can go to Gamestop and get it on UMD for $34.99 is a little...wrong.

Avatar image for AmnesiaHaze

dissidia is my fav psp game (from my collection) , too bad i have not much time to play it cause of work

Avatar image for TheAcejoel99

Have played dissidia for over 50 hours, well worth the cash.

Avatar image for Marvi_I

How much do games on the psp go cost in uk? are they cheaper than on umd?

Avatar image for SecularSage

It's good that Dissidia is now available, but I feel sorry for anyone trying to play that game on the PSP Go's squashed control set. Anyone considering a Go should be advised: the PSP-3000 has the exact same features, plus a bigger screen, plus the ability to play discs. The only thing it's lacking is a large memory stick, and you can get those pretty cheap if you buy online. Even with the memory stick, you'll pay less for the PSP-3000 than the Go... and have a better experience gaming.

Avatar image for alien100000

It's about friggin time, Dissidia should've been there on the Gos launch.

Avatar image for Sirbobislost

@ mastermind915 yes dude!! One of my all time favourite games being able to play that on my way to work on my psp would be fantastic I'd also love FF 6,8 and 9. I would also love MGS but I still have a copy of twin snakes on the gecube which I can play on my wii :d

Avatar image for mudwickx4563

Why would anyone assume this an assualt? 98% of all PSN updates are just awful, including this one!

Avatar image for Fumanchu2

When we go full DD, all games will start at full price and rarely if ever go down. Say no to the PSPGo.

Avatar image for zombey1333

Hmm...full price for a digital download, ontop of the ludicrous price tag for the handheld itself? Sony -really- doesn't want me to buy a PSP Go.

Avatar image for LosDaddie

A good week for PSN

Avatar image for soulman2150

Man I wish they would enable PS store in my country already! I want a psp go too, but if I cant access PS store its kinda pointless. :((

Avatar image for onlinedevil13

release more final fantasy stuff, want to see agito XIII soon

Avatar image for xenonick23

Good to see Square Enix is finally releasing its games for download. Release Crisis Core and I just may pick up a PSP-Go

Avatar image for xxnike629xx

xenogears has been on the jpn psn for a while now. if they want to put ps2 games up on the psn for the ps3...they should also put in backwards compatibility back as a firmware update or as a software download... don't care of the b/c software costs a few bucks...it's a feature that i'd pay for without any complaints as long as the compatibility is decent and is updated every so often via a firmware update... also...i hope sony actually tests out these firmware updates so people don't get bricked ps3's.. >_>

Avatar image for deactivated-5cd05fa50bb7d

Put some PS2 games on PSN....and where's those so called Dreamcast games! lol :P

Avatar image for caffiend7

Put Rising Zan Samurai Gunman on PSN. Thats a classic

Avatar image for dennis8

I think that a game that u cant hold with ur bare hands doesnt deserve a full price tag. If you minus the cost of manufacturing the case, manuals, the umd or disc itself etc2x, im pretty xur it wud set the cost back at least a bit.. Pricing it at full retail is just plain greed..

Avatar image for mastermind915

They should put Front Mission 3 in the PSN store!

Avatar image for HonorOfGod

$40? are they high? you cant hold a digital file or item... and there is no cost there for cover , ext. make it at least $30.

Avatar image for xeridae

@Chico_Azteca I actually emailed Square Enix about making Xenogears available either as a PSone download or updated for the psp and they said that although they aren't working on it right now it's definitely possible in the future. The game is so legendary though I would see if you can just get a hard copy of it.

Avatar image for 1_Blue_Pixel

I heard the Dissidia digital version is laggy?

Avatar image for Kleeyook

Please bring MGS to EU PS Store!!!!!

Avatar image for tommyc555

@jab7604 MGS has been on PSN since June.

Avatar image for Chico_Azteca

at everyone asking for it FFVIII Is already in the Japanese store since... last month i think so is just a matter of time i would love Xenogears, never played it ....always wanted to

Avatar image for Kishokan

@jab7604 Im almost positive that MGS is already on PSN... i think if it is there, then it has been there for a month or two

Avatar image for Uga_ruga

@ffviiifreak It's coming. I asked the same question to. I saw that it was on the Japanese store, so it should come sometime soon. ;)

Avatar image for Jab7604

ill pass on FFVIII by far one of the worse of ther series, would love FFIX, but lets keep up some PS1 classics throw in MGS, for kicks and giggles

Avatar image for Merex760

Great to see Dissidia make it to PSN. I've been holding out on a Go until I saw this game hit network. Hopefully we see Crisis Core, and the other great RPG's (Persona etc.) hit network in the coming weeks.

Avatar image for Omega_Zero69

when will they put more ps1 games other than that nice

Avatar image for ihsanqueen

@chibi-acer Thanks for the indormation pal

Avatar image for Sorik120

@SocialAnXieTy I bet they'll release FFVIII and IX by the time XIII comes out. WTB more Suikodens

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