Dissidia 012 limited PSP arrives in Singapore this May

Set comes bundled with Chinese/English version of Square Enix fighting game.


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The PSP fighting game Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy has earned good reviews and is doing good business in Japan. Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong recently announced that it will be selling a Dissidia 012-themed limited edition PSP in Singapore, in addition to a Chinese/English version of the game.

This bundle will contain a pearl-white PSP emblazoned with concept art of Chaos and Cosmos, a random figurine from the Dissidia Final Fantasy Trading Arts series, and the Chinese/English edition of the game. The bundle will set gamers in Asia back S$344($275) and will be available on May 10.

Something this classy usually doesn't cost so little.
Something this classy usually doesn't cost so little.

This version of the fighting game will retain its original Japanese voice acting but adds in Chinese, Korean, and English subtitles. The menu and system messages will be in English, however. The UMD version will be available on May 10 and the digital version on the Asian PlayStation Network store will be out May 12. Both versions cost S$39.90($31.95).

It should also be noted that the save data of both the Japanese and English versions of Dissidia Final Fantasy can be transferred to the Chinese/English version of the sequel, but the save data of Dissidia Final Fantasy Universal Tuning cannot. Ad hoc battle functions are only available for other Chinese/English copies of the game, not for the Japanese or English versions.

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