Disney's Magical Quest 2 E3 2003 Preshow Report

Capcom's SNES-to-GBA train continues full steam ahead with Magical Quest 2.


October will see the release of a follow-up to Capcom's Disney's Magical Quest. The game, titled Disney's Magical Quest 2 Starring Mickey and Minnie, expands on the 2D side-scroller action found in the original, which was originally available for the Super Nintendo and later ported to the Game Boy Advance.

Magical Quest 2 will allow two players to link up and assume the roles of Mickey and Minnie Mouse in a quest that takes you to the circus, where Baron Pete and the Mice Brothers have stirred up a mess of trouble, and to the home of your old pal, the Lonely Ghost. You'll have three different costumes to choose from for each level, which gives you different special powers. The sweeper costume gives you a vacuum device that can be used to suck up small enemies and power-ups. The ranger costume lets you hook onto walls and slide down ropes. The cowboy outfit lets you saddle up on a wooden horse and go for a ride. Along your journey, you'll come into contact with other old Disney favorites, including Donald Duck, Goofy, and more.

Will Mickey and Minnie be able to stop Baron Pete and his posse from taking over the world? You'll be able to find out for yourself this October.

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