Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure E3 2003 Preshow Report

Activision's first addition to the Disney sports genre will be shown at E3, and we have the first details.


Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure will be Activision's first foray into the Disney sports universe after producing titles based on Toy Story 2, The Lion King and Tarzan movies. The console versions of the game are being developed by Toys for Bob, while the Game Boy Advance version is being handled by Vicarious Visions. The console versions of the game will use the famed Tony Hawk skateboarding engine and feature three main gameplay modes--a basic free skate mode, a split-screen two-player mode, and the adventure mode, in which you start out in one of the beginning courses and play through it, attempting to complete a series of goals. Goals can range from simple collection missions to more complex, puzzle-based objectives. Achieving them will unlock further levels and allow you to progress through the story. Secret areas and collectibles can be discovered in all the levels, and new ones can be found each time you repeat a level.

Characters currently slated to be available to play as in Extreme Skate Adventure include Buzz Lightyear and Woody from the Toy Story series, Simba from The Lion King, and Tarzan. No mention of classic Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck was made in the press materials provided, but an allusion was made to several non-player characters that would interact with the playable ones within the levels. The game's levels will all be based on various Disney films, including a treehouse-themed level from Tarzan and Pride Rock from The Lion King. All the standard types of skate tricks will be found in the game, including multiple types of grinds, grabs, and flips. There will also be varying types of boards to choose from in the game, ranging from normal skateboards to wacky objects such as Victorian mirrors, futuristic hoverboards, and frying pans. Extreme Skate Adventure will also feature a create-a-skater mode that will allow you to design your own skater kid for use in any of the game's modes. This mode will be featured in all versions of the game except the GBA version.

Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure will be released for all three current console platforms and the Game Boy Advance. It is scheduled for release this summer.

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