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Disney's Animated Olaf Short Film Is Pulled From Pixar's Coco

Snow joke.


Disney is pulling the new animated short Olaf's Frozen Adventure from the start of its current Pixar hit Coco in theaters across the US. The 21-minute film is a spinoff from the 2013 hit Frozen, focusing on the titular snowman. But the short has been met with multiple complaints about both its length and quality, and now it has been reported that Disney has asked theaters to no longer play it ahead of Coco.

According to Mashable, Olaf's Frozen Adventure will finish screening from this Friday, December 8. The site states that the studio has asked theaters to use the extra time to give Coco an extra showing each day. Disney has commented on this decision, telling EW, "It was always promoted as a limited run. The end of our Olaf theatrical play is coming next week. All our ads and messaging called it as such."

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Olaf's Frozen Adventure has been criticised for its length, which, when taking into account the standard 20 minutes of commercials and trailers that play before movies in most theaters, meant that some audiences were waiting up to 40 minutes for Coco to begin. In addition, while Pixar movies are often preceded by short films, Olaf's Frozen Adventure is not a Pixar film. It was originally intended to be an ABC TV special, before the decision was made to release it alongside Coco.

Last week, Coco director Adrian Molina commented on the reaction to Olaf's Frozen Adventure. "It is longer than, I think, any other short that has ever been attached to one of these films," he told the Huffington Post. "I've heard that that has taken people by surprise. We've always, even at the conception, liked this idea that these are two stories about family traditions, and understanding what your family traditions are."

In related news, the first trailer for Pixar's upcoming The Incredibles 2 was released last month. The sequel to the studio's 2004 superhero hit hits theaters in June next year.

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