Disney To Pull Its Movies From Netflix Following Current Deal


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Disney is set to pull at least some of its content from Netflix. The studio has announced that, following the currently deal, it will remove all of its movies from the service with the intention of providing both entertainment and sports content via two new streaming services of its own.

As reported by Bloomberg, an ESPN-branded service is set to arrive first in 2018, which the site reports will feature 10,000 live sports events a year. This will be followed by an entertainment service, which would at home to new live action and animated movies released by Disney and its subsidiary, Pixar. Whether this would also include movies from its Star Wars and Marvel businesses is unclear.

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In a statement, Disney boss Bob Iger said, "Our direct-to-consumer services mark an entirely new growth strategy for the company, one that takes advantage of the incredible opportunity that changing technology provides us to leverage the strength of our great brands."

Netflix responded to the reports, and explained in a statement that its content would remain on its service for another two years. The statement said, "US Netflix members will have access to Disney films on the service through the end of 2019, including all new films that are shown theatrically through the end of 2018. We continue to do business with the Walt Disney Company on many fronts, including our ongoing relationship with Marvel TV."

Although Disney originally signed the deal with Netflix in 2012, it didn't come into effect until last year. However, it is not surprising that the studio wants to take advantage of the shifting landscape for streaming media and offer its content direct to consumers.

Disney has had a strong 2017 at the box office, but its takings have dipped compared to 2016. Although such guaranteed hits as Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Thor: Ragnarok, and Pixar's Coco are set to be released at the end of the year, the company has nothing lined up for a fall release. In addition, Disney's cable networks are a hugely important part of its business, and subscriber numbers for ESPN--which Disney owns--are continuing to decline.

This story has been updated to clarify the specifics of what Disney has revealed about its strategy.

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Avatar image for mundus

Whats the point? I own Netflix and i am not really looking for other Streaming services. So now if i want to watch say a marvel movie, i will have to sign up for Disney's own service which i will never do since i am very happy with netflix thank you. So now if i want to watch a "Disney movie" i probably get it of a torrent site. Yep, file sharing is not even illegal in my country, but i don't do it with content i can get of netflix since i already pay for netflix (and amazon prime video). Other streaming services can go to hell though, we need less not more...

I have netflix since netflix is netflix. And amazon prime video is part of amazon prime. Which is worth it if you order a lot from amazon, which i do, so the video streaming is just a bonus.

Avatar image for CyberEarth

Keep in mind that Disney is MASSIVE. It's much more than Disney brand - it's Disney, ABC, A&E (oh, you like Walking Dead?), ESPN, Buena Vista (older movies), Lucas Arts, Marvel.

EPSN has it's own successful streaming service as it is. To say that Disney will fail is ludicrous. If Disney simply combines their ESPN package with whatever else, they'll already be successful because they have built-in subscribers day 1. With that being said, I hate the splintering of streaming services.

When you're the king (Netflix), everyone wants to be the king. And who loses? All the peasants (that's us).

Avatar image for soarlozer

Disney usually fails when it tries to copy someone else. (Disney Infinity was created because Skylanders was making a shit ton of money) I don't think there is enough Disney movies even with Marvel and Star Wars for me to ever consider it. Unless they somehow can get all the 90s cartoons like Xmen, Spiderman, etc., Star Wars Clone Wars with the troopers, Gargoyles and most of the disney animated tv shows and the classic stuff (tired of shit getting vaulted).

Pretty sure they will have only the most recent disney movies and all the shitty live action tv shows.

Avatar image for wr3zzz

Not sure how much value there is left for me if all the big studios pulled their contents including the back catalog shows into proprietary streaming services. There isn't much I am interested of what's left: Netflix Originals without Marvel, Bollywood movies, Mexican soaps, Korean soaps and lastly documentaries every other services can have for nothing.

The $9.99 era is over and nice while it lasted. It's going back to $60-90 for getting 90% of the stuff you want to see, or $120+ for 100%.

Avatar image for spacetrain31

I already have Netflix, Amazon, and Spotify, yeah I think I'm good without Disney. Honestly why must every studio want their own streaming platform? At this point Disney would be better off buying Netflix.

Avatar image for HenrySix

If they go all the way with this and have...

Every Star Wars movie

Every MCU movie

Every Pixar movie

Every Disney animated movie

Every live action adaptation of the animated Disney movies

Every Pirates of the Caribbean movie

Every Disney Channel show


this will be HUGE.

Avatar image for wr3zzz

@HenrySix: Disney also owns ABC and A&E which owns History and Lifetime. Yep, a lot of good stuff currently on Netflix are from Disney.

Avatar image for Riddick123

Jesus, who proofread this article before posting it?

Avatar image for Zenopants

*Reads comments*

So, basically: "Waaaaaaahhhh!" I mean, the audacity! How DARE a company (which PUT UP THE MONEY to produce said content) try to control its distribution.

Christ on a stick you people are a pathetic bunch of entitled children.

Avatar image for otterbee

@Zenopants: I guess you're one of these people that prefers to pay 10 different companies, $10 a month to make sure you can get all the services and content that you'd like. Good on ya, mate! Enjoy getting bent over...

How many different services do you pay for monthly to access entertainment/content?

Avatar image for beantownsean


If everyone were to pull their IPs from Netflix and then fire-up their own streaming service, how many $10 monthly services would there be?

People can choose to pay more or not, sounds like many are choosing not.

Avatar image for yoda101280

@Zenopants: It was already being paid for, you think Disney gave Netflix its content for free? Where do you think the money Netflix used to acquire those licenses came from? No one is complaining about having to pay for services, we're already paying. It's paying for subs to individual distributors b/c everyone just has to have their own now. Perhaps if you applied a level of thought beyond that of a fifth grader you could make a less ignorant comment.

Avatar image for dante9006

We don't need anymore streaming services. This is getting pretty annoying. Everyone has to have a streaming service nowadays.

Avatar image for Litchie

LOL. Have fun trying to get money from that, Disney.

Avatar image for yoda101280

@ChldsPlay: What I get from you...the inability to analyze a situation with the aptitude of an adult.

Avatar image for Zenopants

@ChldsPlay: ^THIS

Avatar image for hahamanin

Wow more streaming services.. Looks like in a few years cable would look real cheap

Avatar image for fluxed_up

Seems like the Disney execs think that their content is such a big deal that customers will immediately flock to their service. They will learn.

Avatar image for Reuwsaat

But why, I'd watch a Disney movie like once or twice a year at best, I won't be paying monthly for a whole year just for that

Avatar image for hyru99

@Reuwsaat: Yea, this is a big mistake that will blow up in their faces when they realized no one is going to pay a service that they rarely use for collection such as disney. Most people probably buy Star Wars and Marvel movies, and even Pirates of the Carribean. Alot of parents probably buy the good kiddie Disney movies also for their families. No sense in paying for stream.

Avatar image for facts23

biiig mistake. people are not going to pay for ANOTHER streaming service.

Avatar image for DN3D1997

I'm paying for Netflix and HBO because my gf and i watch different things,but not for this.Back to torrents,then.

Avatar image for beantownsean

Netflix, HBO GO, Amazon Streaming, SiriusXM...I think I pay enough for streaming content, but thanks.

Avatar image for Redblaze27

Not paying for anymore streaming services.

Avatar image for yoda101280

This is the only thing I hate about streaming services, everyone has to have their own one and I'm not paying extra for any of them. We got Netflix, Hulu and Amazon and that is where it needs to end, everything just needs to go through one of those three. I like some Disney stuff but I'm not paying a separate fee for it, same with CBS, HBO, etc. It just never ends and it's getting silly now. I subscribe to Netflix, Hulu and Amazon and have no intention of going beyond that for any reason. This is why I just watch most of this content on sites that pirate it. I don't mind paying for content but I'm not paying for every little package they come up with, better keep that stuff under one roof.

Avatar image for yoda101280

@ChldsPlay: No, as I'm already paying for it. Disney content is on Netflix now, I pay for Netflix now hence I'm already paying for the content. I do however take issue with overpaying for services as well as paying every individual content provider separately. Same way EA annoyed me when they launched Origin and pulled their content from other established services, namely Steam and GoG. That doesn't cost any extra money it's just dumb, same way this is just dumb but on top of being dumb you'll have to overpay for it. Netflix is 10 bucks a month, I think CBS's service is like 15, for only CBS shows which are also mostly on Netflix if you wait out the season. So for the privilege of seeing the season as it airs you can pay 15 bucks, on top of your Netflix 10 for content you technically already paid for. It's a never ending slope that will go just like DLC for games did. Start out reasonable and now we got day one DLC/Season Passes that costs almost as much as the game itself. The season pass for GR: Wildlands was and still is $39.99, not nearly worth it for what you get and the these streaming services are headed in that same direction. It's not paying, it's overpaying and yes I take issue with that.

Avatar image for PlatinumPaladin

If they'll be including sports in the streaming service, then I think it's highly likely the Star Wars and Marvel content will be included as well. And frankly they NEED to include them in order to provide the most variety possible. It's all very well Disney wanting direct access to viewers money, but they have to make it worthwhile for us. £6 a month for Netflix is very reasonable when we're provided with content from a number of studios and contents providers, not so much when it's only from the one, even if it is the biggest.

Then there's the danger every studio wants to start down this road.

Avatar image for ExoticCharm

Back when Netflix was brand new and people were sick of cable's BS, people were calling the concept of streaming services to be the greatest thing ever. It was supposed to be a new golden age for content.

Nowadays, it's starting to look like streaming services will end up being the new evil. How the times have changed...

Avatar image for NTM23

First Star Trek with the stupid CBS All Access (as far as I'm concerned) and now Disney. Dumb.

Avatar image for Paulf001

Basically everyone is going to want you to sub to their own service for $10 a month.

Avatar image for osxgp

After reading many of the comments here, it is clear that the whole streaming thing is encouraging people to pirate. I can't hardly blame anyone for making that choice because we aren't left with many options unless we want to pay 10 different services $10 a month to watch one or two shows. I was pissed that Netflix has lost all the Fox shows I love like Futurama, American Dad, and Bob's Burgers but Hulu owns those now. So if I want to watch those, another $10 a month to Hulu. Now Disney is expecting Netflix customers to pay another site and unknown amount a month to another service just to watch a couple of their shows??? I'd rather pay to keep pirating sites alive at this point.

Avatar image for xboxps2cube

You all say you wouldn't pay for Disney, but with them owning Marvel,Star Wars, and most sports content they will get plenty of subs holding that content under their paywall streaming service. At this point, pirating and regular pay tv is starting to look more appealing to most

Avatar image for deactivated-5a60f921620ed

All I have to say is KODI.

Avatar image for nikon133

@sdecker425: Yep. give me some Kryptonite and I will show te meaning of Exodus to these greedy corporates ;)

I don't think it is just plain greed, though - dirty politics could be involved, too. For example, here in Oceania, Sky TV frequently plays Marvel flicks on their movies channels, and has two dedicated Disney channels. Sky TV is old school dinosaur, satellite broadcaster, which is ripping of customers like there's no tomorrow, and probably there isn't any - they are losing customers left and right. Netflix costs between NZ$10 ans 20 per month, depending on quality and number of concurrent devices, while Sky costs $120 for basic package with additional movies and sports, but no HBO, Rialto, Blockbusters and number of other channels. All together, you will easy be looking at NZ$200 per month.

Thus I would not be surprised if Sky TV isn't at least looking into undermining Netflix as much as they can, because instead of restructuring and evolving into modern, lean streaming service, they'd rather keep their NZ$200/month dinosaur stomping around for as much as they can.

Avatar image for merwanor

There are times I wish that Netflix just had monopoly on streaming services. Really hate the annoying competition stuff where every damn company wants their own streaming service or gaming shop etc etc.

No wonder people still pirate stuff when the payed options are just so unfriendly to the consumers in comparison.

Avatar image for Reuwsaat

@merwanor: If only the competition had a service on the same level of quality, but at least in my country HBO GO is always down whenever there's a GoT or Westworld release, and the best streaming quality is 720p, while at the same time being more expensive than Netflix :/ Same goes for Fox

Avatar image for ClunkerSlim

I'm damn close to just pirating everything again. I'm not going to pay sub fees to a thousand different channels just to watch one show per channel. This is getting stupid. I gave up Doctor Who due to the BBC's moronic move to try and start their own streaming service. When that failed I guess they had too much pride to go crawling back to Netflix so they signed that deal with Amazon instead, cutting the show out of a large number of households in the process. And I'm not paying CBS All Access a damn penny, if I don't see your train wreck of a Star Trek show then oh well.

Avatar image for Iamkalell

I don't see movies in theaters and I'm not subscribing to another streaming service so once they're no longer available on NF (or Stars) I won't be watching anymore Marvel or Star Wars movies. Kinda sucks, but I'm tired of every studio trying to force people to subscribe to their service when they only have a few things worth watching. This stuff needs to stop.

Avatar image for mirage_so3

Meh this is starting to suck. Netflix got so popular that now everyone wants to be Netflix. It's getting to be you need an individual service for whichever show you want. You need Netflix for this show, Hulu for that show, Amazon Prime for this other show. Go back to downloading. It's simpler.

Avatar image for preacher001

This seems like an excellent way to convince more people to illegally stream content. Netflix managed to massively reduce the amount of illegal consumption but with the increase in the number streaming services and the costs of using them to get all of the available content, the popularity of illegal streaming sites is on the rise.

Don't get me wrong I think a Sports only streaming service seems like a great idea. I also could understand separating TV and Movie streaming services. The problem is unless all the available TV, Movie and Sports content are available on each of these services people won't be happy. We don't want to pay for 6 TV services and 8 movie services and 3 sports services just to get all of the content.

When you keep things affordable people will happily pay for it. Remind me how much has been spent on tracking down people who illegally consume content since, say the VHS era?

Avatar image for Smosh150

@preacher001: Mhmm, I entirely agree. I mean even paying inside another service such as Amazon Prime for something like HBO is better than this. Not that it is ideal.

Avatar image for kaliskonig

At this point they are just asking people to pirate and or stream from free sources. Every brand is getting their own streaming services or making you pay a premium to access their specific offerings. This won't go good for a lot of them.

Avatar image for jacknapes

Yet another possible streaming service, i mean how many do we need. Myself, i have Netflix and NowTV. Once a year i get Amazon Prime to watch The Grand Tour, but that's about it. The streaming services available now, there's too many it's becoming a joke. The UK alone has Netflix, Amazon, NowTV (Sky light without a sub), Mubi, Disney Kids, Wuaki, Curizon and YouTube (i know this is free, but it counts as TV shows are on here too). Even Talk Talk, BT and Sky are doing it (Sky with Q).

Too much choice, people may just go back to Cable and Satellite services and use catch-up through there.

Avatar image for kaliskonig

@jacknapes: There is also a few Anime streaming services like Funimation and crunchyroll. Funimation in particular took a lot of there stuff of of other streaming services to make their own. This is getting ridiculous. And then stuff like Starz and HBO have their own services or you can pay a premium to add them to HULU. You might as well get Cable again in a few years at this rate. Everyone will strip their content from major streaming apps to create their own.

Avatar image for jacknapes

@kaliskonig: I forgot about them, and not forgetting the WWE Network as well (i sub to that at the US price, so at least it's cheaper)

Avatar image for jcharp

Not a chance. Even between my kids, my wife and I, we don't watch enough Disney content to justify another monthly bill. If a Disney movie comes out that I MUST see, I'll either rent it or buy it. But those are few and far between these days.

As others have already said, it's getting to the point where I might as well go back to cable. And I think I'd just turn off everything but internet and Netflix before I do that. Hell, if it weren't for the family, I would have done it already.

Avatar image for CyberEarth

@jcharp:Keep in mind that Disney is MASSIVE. It's much more than Disney brand - it's Disney, ABC, A&E (oh, you like Walking Dead?), ESPN, Buena Vista, Lucas Arts, Marvel.

EPSN has it's own successful streaming service as it is. To say that Disney will fail is ludicrous. With that being said, I hate the splintering of streaming services.