Disney+ Streaming Service Gets Detailed; Brings New Marvel, Star Wars Series

Loki and Rogue One are getting spin-off shows, but you'll need to subscribe to Disney+ to watch them.

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Disney's new streaming service will come online in late 2019, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced on a Disney earnings call, CNET reported. Iger also confirmed the service, dubbed Disney+, will come with new live-action shows in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars franchises.

Disney+ will be the streaming home for Disney's various existing films and TV shows, which means much of that stuff will stop being available on services such as Netflix starting in 2019. But Disney+ also see an influx of its own original content to tempt subscribers away from the services they already use. The most notable additions are a pair of live-action series Disney is planning for two of its biggest franchises, Star Wars and the MCU.

On the MCU side, Disney is bringing back fan-favorite character Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston, for his own show. The Star Wars series, meanwhile, will spin off from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, to tell more stories of Cassian Andor, the Rebel spy played by Diego Luna. Both series will see the film actors return to reprise their roles. The Cassian show joins another Star Wars spin-off project, The Mandalorian, created by Iron Man director Jon Favreau.

Sweetening the deal for subscribers to Disney+ are animated series. The new season of the returning Star Wars: The Clone Wars will appear on the service, as well as a Pixar series based on Monsters, Inc. The service will also get a reboot of High School Musical and exclusive movies.

Disney hasn't revealed what the streaming service will cost yet, or the exact date of its launch--or of the release of those new series. But for fans of Star Wars especially, it looks like keeping up with the franchise is going to require a new subscription starting toward the end of 2019.

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Avatar image for consolehaven

The market used to pay up to $150 for full cable services (Canadian), so, paying $30-40 for a few subs won’t break the bank. I personally will pay for Netflix and Disney.

Avatar image for Zynn

I already pay for Hulu, Netflix, HBO... monthly subs for software I use, a sub for music, and a sub for XBox and PS4. Not paying for yet another stream.

I guess I will fire up the VPN and go back to torrents to catch the things my subs don't cover.

Avatar image for CraZkid37

Late 2019? That's much later than I expected.

Avatar image for teppolundgren

The more evil streaming services, the better...

Avatar image for atherworld

Odd how those so obsessed with making money don't understand how money works. We simply can't afford individual streaming services. and no way Disney is better than Netflix. One brand only VS tons of stuff. The only option is to cut deals with Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, and for those three to do the unthinkable and give other companies more money for their content. Yes, they'll be an immediate hit to their bank accounts, but I promise the new content will bring in the viewers and make money a bit later. Sure, they'll have to violate 21st Century Economy Rule #1: never put future profits ahead of current profits, but it's the only option if they truly want more money. besides, this worked fine in the 20th century.

So as much as I'd like to see these things, never going to happen. I can't be expected to afford yet another 8-12 bucks a month. Or 75 a year in DC Univere's case.

Avatar image for jcharp

I'm surprised to see Hiddleston appearing in a Loki series. I could have sworn I saw an interview where he said that he's really not interested in playing the character anymore. But I guess money talks. If Disney threw enough cash at me, I'd do it too.

Not to throw shade at the MCU, but it's a shame he doesn't get more serious roles. He's a damn fine actor.

Avatar image for phili878

Man, Hollywood desperately needs new actors.

Avatar image for Cashmoney007

These streaming services are getting annoying. It feels like a lot of them are happening to find another way to gut the consumer.




No thanks

Avatar image for Bread_or_Decide

@Cashmoney007: If only they could unify under one banner...some sort of place on the net..where one could watch some flix....

Avatar image for Cashmoney007

@Bread_or_Decide: I guess we can agree on some stuff. Lol

Avatar image for Bread_or_Decide

@Cashmoney007: Tis the season.

Avatar image for matricks_

Let me guess. Available in Canada sometime by 2030? Woo.

Avatar image for AZ305

@matricks_: You think you get them late? Come visit Australia. We get them once they've died out.

Avatar image for lonewolf1044

Saw this coming but I will stick with Netflix as I do not watch an lot Marvel shows.

Avatar image for drsw36

Sorry Disney but paying for Netflix is enough. Don't wanna pay for two streaming services. I'm sticking with Netflix.

Avatar image for ccgod

@drsw36: disney has a lot of content on netflix

Avatar image for shadowwarrior4

@ccgod: lol not anymore

Avatar image for Bread_or_Decide

@shadowwarrior4: This is why Netflix is cancelling all the marvel shows. And Disney's agreement with them ends in 2019.