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Disney+ Promises WandaVision Will Premiere This Year: Will It Be The Only MCU Entry In 2020?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe may not have any movies in 2020, but it'll at least have a TV show thanks to WandaVision.


With reports circulating that the release date for Black Widow could be delayed again, potentially into 2021, this could be the first year without a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie since 2009. That doesn't mean the MCU won't play any role in 2020, though.

According to Disney+, the upcoming WandaVision series will debut in late 2020. Initially, the series was due to premiere in October. While that may no longer be the case, Disney+ confirms the show is still on track for this year, along with a handful of other originals, movies, and more--including the November debut of the Marvel 616 documentary series.

Of course, there's also the second season of The Mandalorian, which we now know will premiere on the streaming service on October 30. The first trailer for the new season has a hint at what's to come--including a character played by WWE superstar Sasha Banks.

Thus far, we've yet to see a full trailer for WandaVisison. However, small sneak peeks have been included in previews for Disney+, including one that was just released. You can check that out below.

As for what, exactly, WandaVision is about, we're still not entirely sure. It was previously revealed by Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige that the show would tie into Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. Given that Vision (Paul Bettany) has been dead since Avengers: Infinity War and is decidedly alive in WandaVision, tinkering with the multiverse seems to be one likely explanation. Other theories involve Vision's close relationship to the Infinity Stones or the possibility that the entire show is happening in some sort of Matrix-style simulation courtesy of Shuri who got her hands on Vision's hardware back in Infinity War. We won't know for sure until we see it.

That said, the bit of footage from WandaVision that was shown in Disney+'s Super Bowl commercial earlier in 2020 made it look as if the series would take a cue from classic sitcoms--definitely not what you'd expect from the MCU.

Whatever the case, the world will at least be able to see what this show is for themselves this year.

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