Disney+ MCU TV Show Loki Adds Black Mirror Star

Loki's show keeps getting bigger.


The rosters of the upcoming Disney+ MCU TV shows just keep growing. After the addition of Owen Wilson, Loki has gained a new cast member in Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Variety reported. She will join Tom Hiddleston and Sophia Di Martino in the God of Mischief's very-own solo spin-off, hitting the streaming service next spring. Thus far, there is no confirmation as to who Mbatha-Raw will be playing, but it could be that she's playing an employee or associate of the TVA organization confirmed to be involved in the show during the Super Bowl spot.

Not much is known about Loki aside from the fact that the show will be spinning directly out of Avengers: Endgame where we last saw the trickster escape from SHIELD custody with the Tesseract during all the time-traveling chaos. The specific powers of the Tesseract have never actually been confirmed in the MCU, but given that it contains the Space Stone, we can assume it teleported Loki somewhere in space rather than somewhere in time, which would mean Loki the show will be taking place in or immediately around 2012.

However, we were treated to a brief clip of Loki during this year's Super Bowl, which featured the trickster in what seemed to be in the custody of the TVA, or the Time Variance Authority, a group from the comics that exists to police continuity and preserve the timeline. Did Loki end up on their radar because he's using the Tesseract to mess with time? Or is he there because his escape with the Tesseract was a variance in and of itself?

We'll have to wait until Spring 2021 to find out.

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