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Disney Lorcana TCG's New Co-Op Game Is Up For Preorder At Amazon

Disney Lorcana: Ursula's Return - Illumineer's Quest: Deep Trouble releases May 31 alongside a new set of cards.


Disney Lorcana's new expansion arrives next week, and Ursula's Return will introduce a brand-new wrinkle to the popular trading card game. On May 31, Lorcana is getting its first cooperative game with Illumineer's Quest - Deep Trouble. Preorders sold out in hours at Best Buy last week, but now you can preorder the new game at Amazon for $60. We'd recommend ordering soon, as we wouldn't be surprised if Amazon sells out, too. You can also preorder Illumineer's Trove at Amazon for $50, a complementary product for Deep Trouble that includes various accessories as well as eight Ursula's Return booster packs. For those who simply want as many new Lorcana cards as possible, Ursula's Return booster box preorders are available at Amazon, too.

Note: These are selling out fast, so make sure to check back if the item you want is not in stock. As of May 23, Amazon is still taking preorders on Illumineer's Quest and Illumineer's Trove, but Best Buy is sold out of both.

Disney Lorcana: Ursula's Return preorders at Amazon

Disney Lorcana: Ursula's Return preorders at Best Buy

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