Disney Interactive begins GBA development

A number of games based on well-known Disney properties are coming to the GBA.


Disney Interactive has announced plans to publish several games for the Game Boy Advance. The first game in the works is Peter Pan Return to Neverland, which is based on the upcoming animated film Disney's Return to Neverland. It's scheduled for release on February 15.

Games based on two other upcoming Disney movies--Disney's Lilo & Stitch and Disney's Treasure Planet--are also being developed. The company also hopes to publish additional games based on traditional Disney characters such Mickey and Minnie Mouse, as well as other recent animated features, such as Monsters Inc., Toy Story, and Tarzan.

In related news, a three-minute trailer and new screenshots from Kingdom Hearts are now available. The trailer and shots show a number of well-known Disney characters interacting with the game's hero. Kingdom Hearts is currently in development at Square and should be released in March.

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