Disney Infinity Claims It Sold More Than Skylanders Last Year, Activision Disagrees

The toys-to-life competition heats up.


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Disney released a statement last week claiming that Disney Infinity was the best-selling toys-to-life brand in 2014, but Skylanders publisher Activision disagrees.

Disney's claim is based on NPD's data, which showed that Disney Infinity franchise sales increased 16 percent compared to the same period last year during the critical November-December holiday season. Disney also claimed that Disney Infinity's market share in the category increased from 43 percent to 47 percent, and that it outsold its nearest competitor (Skylanders) in both total starter packs sales and total sales revenue.

Activision, on the other hand, maintains that Skylanders continued to lead the toys-to-life category for the third consecutive year, based on physical game unit sell-through data, according to NPD, GfK, and Activision internal estimates.

"Skylanders continues its leadership position as the #1 kids video game franchise globally as well as in the U.S. by wide margins. As a global franchise in 2014, Skylanders is 30% bigger than its nearest competitor. And Skylanders Trap Team outsold its nearest competitor globally by 17%," Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg said. "As the creators of the 'Toys to Life' category, we are thrilled to continue to lead it for the third consecutive year."

However Disney Infinity compares to Skylanders at the moment, it's likely to get a boost later this year with the addition of toys from the Star Wars universe, which Disney teased back in August of 2014.

For more on the game, check out GameSpot's previous coverage of Disney Infinity 2.0.

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Avatar image for awesomepeters

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if an Elsa or Ironman figurine outsold the entire Skylanders line.

Avatar image for xOmniCloudx

Disney characters (which also includes Star Wars and Marvel characters) vs Skylanders, whose biggest character is Spyro, a mascot character who's been widely forgotten about or is mostly unknown to anyone besides those of us who were big fans or aware of the character at his peak.

Pretty sure that Infinity dominating is inevitable. It hasn't been out nearly as long, hasn't even dipped into the Star Wars well yet and is already at least equals with Skylanders which was the dominant name before Disney entered the market. If Disney wouldn't have sold Power Rangers back to Saban they probably could have used them too for even further market dominance.

Avatar image for Jarten

If only Nintendo did something like this for a Pokemon game with figurines that worked like the Amiibos.

Avatar image for divinelegend

<< LINK REMOVED >> well with the Amiibo compatible 3DS launching here soon and the fact the WiiU already uses them I wouldn't be surprised if they did. maybe a new Coliseum game?

Avatar image for Jarten

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I've heard some good things about the last Coliseum game. Add the Amiibos to it and I'm pretty sure that you can find a good amount of people willing to go for them.

Avatar image for Blitzer9999GT

If Nintendo produces more of Wave 1 and 2 of Amiibo's, they would say they sold more than Skylanders too lol.

Avatar image for amaneuvering

I'm pretty sure Disney Infinity will take over Skylanders. It just has too much hugely popular characters and franchises to draw on for it not to imo.

Avatar image for svaubel

After buying all these figures for the first three skylanders games in done with this. Its just too much money for one game

Avatar image for divinelegend

<< LINK REMOVED >> haven't played warhammer (tabletop version) have ya.. that gets expensive but yea the amount of figures for a video game to use is expensive. guess it can also claim the title "most accessories for gameplay" :P

Avatar image for greversen55

<< LINK REMOVED >> no shit

Avatar image for grin89

like pokemon but more expensive.

Avatar image for Suaron_x

Skylanders seems to be more popular with the kids in my area than Disney Infinity. Personally, I think the toys-to-life concept is annoying. It gets old having to switch out characters (and now traps) so often.

I think Skylanders Trap Team is a step back from Swap Force. First they make you buy all new (expensive) skylanders to access the elemental areas (which weren't needed in all previous versions of the game). Most elemental areas weren't even long or interesting in this game. Then they add more elemental areas, and require the purchase of even more expensive adventure packs to access them. Further, they seemed to insert even more unskippable scripting into the game...which isn't even interesting to listen to the first time through. Lastly, the thing that really grates me is the toy availability. There should be plenty of toys released prior to Christmas that allow you to access everything in the game.

Skylanders Swap Force was better than Trap Team, because it had more variety. The mini-games made for the swapable skylanders were fun to play and provided a refreshing break from the main game mechanics. Toys for Bob adds more of the same with the infuriatingly long, repetitive Kaos mode arena. I thought the final boss fight was insanely difficult/repetitive/way too time consuming (on Nightmare mode) as well. There aren't many children who would actually bother with it for the xbox achievement.

Avatar image for DragonessAthena

That's because Activision lies. Marvel toys are the #1 Toy line, so when you combine it with a video game, it's pretty clear it would be the biggest. You just have to stop with the lies, Activision. You've lost to the better company, give it up. Even to parents buying for their kids, what's easier to remember? A Disney/Marvel figure that EVERYONE knows, or some little monster figure that looks the same as all the others?

I also bought 2 versions of Disney Infinity 2.0 last year, one on 360 and one on PS4. Still sitting at zero Skylanders games and figures.

But hey, it's ok Activision. We all know Skylanders is dead this coming Winter when Disney Infinity Star Wars is released to fit in the release of Episode 7. Your investors know it as well.

Avatar image for Richardthe3rd

I generally agree.

Activision was the first to the table with the NFC tech, but Disney's IPs are undeniable.

Activision could dump billions into marketing and it would still be a drop in the ocean compared to the decades of marketing Disney has behind it's IPs. Even if activision isn't lying and they are ahead now, they won't be for long.

Avatar image for Zombrex

I believe it. In 2014 I bought 3 Infinity games(1 copy of 1.0 and two copies of 2.0) and 24 figures. Before anyone says anything about being rich, I traded in tons of s&*t in order to get most of those. That game is more entertaining than most of what I already had.

Avatar image for DrDuncs

Skylanders has just gone way over the top with the number of characters. They suck kids in with the in game videos of the other characters they find. We stopped at Swapforce.

Infinity 2.0 came to our place for Christmas.

Disney could give you more bang for your buck and let you play with any character in any playset. Who gives a crap if it doesn't make sense that captain jack sparrow is running around with the Incredibles or if Groot pays a visit to the Avengers. It's supposed to be endless possibilities.

Avatar image for joe_b1_kenobi

I think Disney and Nintendo have an extra card to play that Activision doesn't. And that's the collectible hook that grabs adults as well as children.

Avatar image for Zombrex

<< LINK REMOVED >> It's what got me hooked. The combination of collectibles/nostalgia. If they make a Darkwing Duck figure I'll lose my s%*t.

Avatar image for wk633

The impossible to find Kaos trap, 3 months after launch, is the final straw for this family. We don't have an Infinity, but we won't be buying anymore Skylanders. My son would much rather buy a Lego game for $30 than spend the same amount on figures just to unlock some minor portion of a game that doesn't really have much story or play variety in the first place.

Avatar image for Zombrex

<< LINK REMOVED >> I gave up trying to find most of the traps. I can only find water and life where I live.

Avatar image for wk633


Local Toys R Us. It's a blessing and a curse.

Avatar image for uchihasilver

<< LINK REMOVED >> you are aware you need the figures to uinlock whole story sections in disney infinity unlike skylanders? so prepare to be disappointed

Avatar image for Zombrex

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Infinity requires Playsets to unlock story content, if you buy the starter pack for the original asking price of $75(it's much cheaper now) you everything you need to play. If you buy the Skylanders starter pack $75(also cheaper now), you ONLY get a linear story with loads of content you'll never get to see because you need specific additional figures, some of which are really hard to find regionally.

Infinity has held the most value for my family because it has both a story mode and the Toybox mode that my kids play endlessly.

Avatar image for wk633


Ug this forum software sucks.

Game play per dollar, any lego video game at $25 or less he'll play longer than any skylanders (he's playing lego marvel superheroes now, which he has finished, rather than trap team, which he hasn't.

Don't know if we'll do infinity. He's jaded by the whole model now.

Best thing is to give them a fixed allowance and let them decide if they want to spend it on 'unlocking' stuff, or just buy an entire game outright for the same price. My son is pretty careful with his money now (8).

Avatar image for digitalgawd

My kids have sooooooo many Skylander figures and every game since the 1st one, I don't see a switch to the disney game in our house

Avatar image for Pewbert

Capitalist pigs.

Avatar image for Yomigaeru

Activision is going to bury this genre anyway, at the rate they're going. A Skylanders game has been released every year for the past four years. Three of those four required players to buy a starter pack to play (the first game was obvious, but not futureproofing the third or fourth game sounds like greed).

I'd imagine Skylanders is the leader because it was the first one out of the gate. But as others have said, Disney has character/franchise muscle that Skylanders doesn't have. Remember: Frozen is apparently the highest grossing movie of all time.

Avatar image for hystavito

<< LINK REMOVED >> All good points, but remember that with the kids market there isn't a lot of rationalizing. Parents may resist when they are being forced to spend too much or like you say buy over and over, but often their kids win the argument anyway :).

Avatar image for GrendelSP

Disney, ABC, Marvel, Star Wars... the checkmate is inevitable...

Avatar image for Deadlysyns87

<< LINK REMOVED >> ABC what does ABC have?

Avatar image for davillain-

LOL Toy Wars.

Moderator Online
Avatar image for GrendelSP

<< LINK REMOVED >> Its a great book about the toy industry in the 70s and 80s. I highly recommend it.

Avatar image for chuckles471

How cute, companies arguing about how much DLC they have fleeced out of their customers.

If this article was about Assassin's creed and Destiny arguing about how much DLC they have sold, the pitchforks would be out.

Avatar image for bunchanumbers

Its all fun and games until Nintendo releases a Amiibo focused adventure game. Or a HD Pokemon game with a new line of Pokemon Amiibos.

Avatar image for DragonessAthena

<< LINK REMOVED >> No.. Nintendo can't compete with a juggernaut like Marvel or Star Wars. It's cute that you think that though.

Avatar image for domisbatman

<< LINK REMOVED >> Some Amiibos are stupid.. Like Marth's,why spend $60 on a crappy Marth amiibo when I can buy a $40 figurine with greater detail

Avatar image for bunchanumbers

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> They don't retail for that price. Nintendo is selling them for around $15. Its resellers that are selling them for that price.

Avatar image for thecman25

<< LINK REMOVED >> Amiibo's are dead

Avatar image for dani3po

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Amiibo´s are keeping Nintendo in green numbers, after this disastrous past year. For them, toys are more profitable than video games right now.

Avatar image for bunchanumbers

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> lol that explains how millions of amiibos have been sold and its constantly selling out. Even the preorders of amiibos are selling out. Argh but too bad they're dead.

Avatar image for canuckbiker

I don't think that'll hold a candle to likes of marvel, Star Wars, and every other Disney owned franchise. It's sweet how much you still love nintendo, but the youth of today have moved on, for the most part.

Avatar image for xOmniCloudx

<< LINK REMOVED >> The only thing Nintendo could EVER possibly compete with is Pokemon and MAYBE Mario and they'd have to GREATLY expand the use of their appliance as well. Even then, Pokemon selling on level with or above the big name Disney and Star Wars characters seems highly unlikely.

Avatar image for surppo

Dude your crazycrazycrazycrazy 3ds outsells ps4 and xbs combined

Avatar image for bunchanumbers

<< LINK REMOVED >> sure it will. Problem is that Nintendo make excellent games. Whatever game they come up with that uses Amiibos will be guaranteed awesome.

Avatar image for noobocalypse

<< LINK REMOVED >> pokemon amiibo game for wii u?

Avatar image for jflkdjs

Enter the "Amiibos"...Ta da!

Avatar image for b1ank

<< LINK REMOVED >> Maybe if Nintendo didn't limit their stock to suppliers..

Avatar image for deactivated-5a803cda1fb41

Brace yourselves for the toys-to-life wars has begun, the world will never see peace again.

Avatar image for linthes999

Disney: "I sold more!"
Activision: "No! I sold more!"
Disney: "Nuh-uh!"
Activision: "Yuh-uh!"
Disney: "Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum! Activision's making me feel bad!"

Children.. honestly.

Avatar image for canuckbiker

It sounds like their the same age as their target consumers.

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