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Disney+ Getting More Mature Content With Star Service

Disney Investor Day revealed that outside of the US, D+ subscribers will be able to access a whole lot more.


With Disney's acquisition of Fox properties, many have wondered when movies and TV shows that were under the Fox banner would be coming to Disney+. Well, if you live outside of the US, you'll be able to access a lot more content next year.

In the US, we have access to Hulu, which features plenty of more mature content. However, Hulu isn't very big internationally, so Disney+ is launching Star to allow subscribers access to all of that content. CPO of Disney streaming Jerrell Jimerson discussed the upcoming Star integration in some markets, and set aside fears that younger viewers will be able to access the mature content.

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"We worked hard to make sure our parental controls are second to none," Jimerson explained. "To that end, we'll ask subscribers to opt in for full access to the expanded catalog. We've created a simple process for them to change their settings, in order to view titles with higher ratings."

In Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and many other markets, Star will be fully incorporated into Disney+. You won't have to jump between apps to access things like FX's Atlanta or the Christmas movie Die Hard. More mature Marvel projects like Logan and Agents of SHIELD will be a part of the Marvel section of Disney+.

"With the addition of Star, we're making a service that tens of millions of subscribers already love even more compelling for older teens and adults, all while taking great care to ensure Disney+ remains a secure family friendly place for all our fans," Jimerson concluded.

Many markets will be able to access Star when it launches on February 23, 2021. Japan and South Korea will gain access to Star later in 2021.

However, Latin America will not have the full Disney+/Star integration, as Star+ will be its own separate app. In addition to TV shows, movies, and original programming, Star+ will also feature live sports from ESPN--a Disney property. Star+ will launch in June 2021.

Disney Investor Day will feature a whole lot more news, and so far, we've learned that Raya and the Last Dragon will hit theaters and Disney+ Premier Access the same day. With the price increase of Disney Plus, we’ve put together a guide that details this new change as well as how to sign up for Disney Plus.

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