Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where To Get Dark Wood

This one is exclusive to one biome.


Building everything in Disney Dreamlight Valley means collecting a wide variety of materials, including multiple types of wood. Dark Wood is arguably the rarest of the different types in the game, only spawning in a single biome, which is likely to require quite a few hours of playing to unlock. We'll tell you everything you need to know below.

Where to get Dark Wood in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Dark Wood only spawns in the Forgotten Lands, which is likely to be the last biome that most players unlock due to the high Dreamlight cost required to remove the night thorns blocking the path. Once you've gotten together the 15,000 Dreamlight to gain access, however, you should have no problem finding Dark Wood.

Dark Wood only spawns in the Forgotten Lands.
Dark Wood only spawns in the Forgotten Lands.

Multiple types of wood spawn in the Forgotten Lands, so if you're not seeing much Dark Wood around, you may need to pick up other kinds and wait for new spawns. If you're still having trouble getting enough Dark Wood, try planting more tree in the Forgotten Lands to increase the amount of wood that drops there.

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