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Disney Dreamlight Valley Update Adds Monsters Inc. Characters, Scrooge Store Improvements, And More

Hopefully, Scrooge McDuck sells fewer couches and beds now.


Gameloft has revealed a new Disney Dreamlight Valley update titled The Laugh Floor, which includes the arrival of Monsters Inc. characters, a new Star Path, improvements to Scrooge McDuck's store, and more. Even better, it lands on all platforms next Wednesday, February 28.

The Laugh Floor is centered around the all-new Monster Inc. realm that is accessed from within the Dream Castle, introducing beloved monster duo Mike Wazowski and Sulley as characters you can invite to your valley after completing their unique quests.

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The Monsters Inc. love doesn't stop with a new realm and characters, though, as this update's Lovely Monsters Star Path is also filled with exciting decorations and items, including special Dream Styles for both Mike and Sulley. Even the Premium Shop is receiving some items straight from Monstropolis, such as the Snuggly Duckling Tavern house style, a Boo Onsie, and a sushi counter featuring the hilarious octopus-like monster Chef.

If you're feeling inspired by all of the Monsters Inc. thrills, you'll probably be excited to hear that Gameloft has expanded the character customization features by adding new skin tone options that will allow you to make yourself monstrous if you so please. Additionally, there will now be contact lenses, extra ear styles, and more face paint options than before--and you can finally change your name!

But the improvement many players will be most happy about is the update to Scrooge McDuck's store. Gameloft has not only promised that item rotation will be dramatically better, but also that the store will now have more pedestals to purchase items from and that the daily catalog purchase amount has been increased. Here's to hoping we can all find more than just couches and beds now.

You can download The Laugh Floor update for free on February 28. In the meantime, make sure to check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes list.

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