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Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Scavenger Hunt Quest Guide

Let's follow the clues!


Disney Dreamlight Valley has plenty of fun quests to do as you help your villagers settle into their new home. If you've already invited Mike and Sulley to your valley and reached friendship level 10 with the latter, you'll get "The Scavenger Hunt" quest. This one has a few tricky parts, so follow our guide below for everything you need to know.

How to complete the Scavenger Hunt in Disney Dreamlight Valley

When you reach friendship level 10 with Sulley, he'll offer you "The Scavenger Hunt" quest, first tasking you with inviting some villagers to join in on the hunt. When you're ready to get started, track down and speak to the following characters:

  • Vanellope
  • Olaf
  • Stitch
  • Donald (optional, and he turns you down anyway)

When you've invited all of the characters to enjoy the scavenger hunt, head back to Sulley's house and speak with him to get things started.

The first thing you'll be tasked with is finding "a royal hall with many doors." Teleport to your Plaza and enter the Dream Castle to find Olaf inside. He'll then tell you to seek out another clue "near the wizard made of gold." This is referring to the statue at the very top of the stairs, so head up there to find a note on the ground.

Find this clue at the top of the stairs in the Dream Castle.
Find this clue at the top of the stairs in the Dream Castle.

After speaking with Olaf, you'll have to go "under the cascade" on the Sunlit Plateau. This simply means you need to enter the Vitalys Mines where the waterfalls are located in Sunlit Plateau, where you'll find Stitch waiting for you inside.

Stitch tells you about the next clue, which is to cast your hook into the underground babbling pool. This is referencing a nearby fishing spot, so head directly right across the rock path over the water and then forward into the mines a bit. You should soon see a bunch of mine carts. To the left of them is a path leading up to a small area with a golden fishing circle you can cast your line into to fish up the next clue.

Note: As of this writing, the golden fishing circle is bugged for some players. You may need to cast your line past the circle to get it to register. In some cases, restarting the game can also help.

Fish in this golden fishing circle for another clue.
Fish in this golden fishing circle for another clue.

Once you've acquired the next clue, give it to Stitch who tells you that the next clue asks you to solve the riddle "Hope your veggies aren't stemmy when you visit Chez _____." The answer is to finish the rhyme, realizing that the riddle requests that you visit Chez Remy, so head there next.

Inside Chez Remy, you'll find Vanellope waiting for you. She'll tell you that the next clue requires you to "simmer the Final Clue with sunshine fruit that powers a clock." To complete this objective, head over to the cooking pot inside Chez Remy and place the note in the pot alongside a Lemon. Cook this to create the Decoded Final Clue. Show it to Vanellope, who then tells you to take it back to Sulley.

Combine the clue page with a lemon to get the Decoded Final Clue.
Combine the clue page with a lemon to get the Decoded Final Clue.

Go speak with Sulley, then seek out Vanellope once again. She'll tell you that she's teamed up with Stitch to make a statue for Sulley. She needs some materials to make it, though, so get these together:

  • Purple Flowers
  • Blueberries
  • Boiled Eggs

You can choose any purple flowers from around the valley. There's one type of purple flower in every biome except Frosted Heights and Sunlit Plateau, so you shouldn't have much trouble getting enough together. Afterward, grab some Blueberries from Blueberry bushes, then cook up two Hard-Boiled Eggs using a single egg each time.

Take all of the materials to Stitch and then place the Sulley Statue anywhere in your valley. Afterward, you can speak to Sulley a final time to wrap up his final quest and earn some fun rewards for your efforts.

If you need help with anything else in Disney Dreamlight Valley, be sure to check out our comprehensive guides hub.

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