Disney Dreamlight Valley The Dark Castle Quest Guide

It's time to put an end to the madness.


Disney Dreamlight Valley may be a cozy game, but its main questline deals with some dark themes like anger, resentment, and abandonment. If you've worked with Merlin to wrap up "The Forgotten Relics" quest, you'll be tackling one the darkest quests of all: "The Dark Castle." This last stand against The Forgotten culminates in the finale of the game (for now), so let's walk you through how to finish things up.

How to complete The Dark Castle quest in Dreamlight Valley

"The Dark Castle" quest begins after you finish "The Forgotten Relics," with Merlin opening a portal into the dark realm where you'll need to face off against The Forgotten themselves. But before you can reach the villain, you'll have to open some doors to reach new levels of the castle.

How to open the first-floor door

Opening the door on the first floor requires you to equip a crown and wings. In our case, this was the Onyx Crown and Thorny Wings, but we were given a few different options to choose from. Speak to the door when you've got these equipped and it will open the second floor to you.

How to open the second-floor door

On the second floor, you'll be tasked with making a dish for the door to eat. There are four ingredients, but to make a Night Thorn Sprout Salad, you'll need to leave out the garlic. Just use the other three ingredients, then take the salad to the door and give the salad to it to reach the next level.

Leave the garlic out to make the Night Thorn Sprout Salad.
Leave the garlic out to make the Night Thorn Sprout Salad.

How to open the third-floor door

The third-floor door is missing and can only be revealed using a special lens. If you've made it this far, you'll already have the necessary upgrade to your camera, so take it out and snap a picture of the door's location (next to the note on the wall) and it will reveal the door.

How to open the fourth-floor door

To get through the final door, you'll have to find four torches in the room and place them in the right order around the well. Two torches can be found on the ground normally, but the other two will require you to use your pickaxe to bust open the ice to reveal them. When you have all four, head to the pedestal next to the fallen pillar (seen below). Place the torches in this order counter-clockwise: Dawn, Noon, Dusk, Night.

When you've placed all of the torches in the correct order, the key will fall into the water below. Use your fishing rod to fish it out, then open the final door to engage in a showdown with The Forgotten.

Start from this location and place the torches in the correct order.
Start from this location and place the torches in the correct order.

The final encounter with The Forgotten will result in another questline that asks you to help them let go of their resentment, ultimately leading to a heartfelt ending that rolls credits on the game. There is more story content to come in Dreamlight Valley, but it looks like this is the end of The Forgetting questline.

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