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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Unlock Stitch

This little alien is up to no good.


Unlocking the various characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley usually requires visiting their realm or simply meeting them out and about in your valley, but in the case of one mischievous little alien, you'll need to put in a bit more work. Unlocking the blue menace Stitch requires you to stumble upon a specific item in your valley and work through a series of quests over the course of a few days, which we'll detail for you below.

How to unlock Stitch

The first step to unlocking Stitch is to find the Slimy Stocking laying around in random spots on Dazzle Beach--you'll have to carefully examine the entire beach until you come across it. This will start a quest called "The Mystery of the Stolen Socks." You'll find that the gross, slobbery sock says "DD" on it, so take it to Donald to find out that he's been experiencing some thefts in his home.

Donald will now request that you clean up five piles of debris in his home, and upon clearing the final one, you'll round up a Strange Device. Give this to Donald and go through some dialogue to find that you need to collect more alien DNA around your valley to allow the device to lead you to the culprit--and we wonder who that'll be, eh? Donald tells you this may take a few days, though, meaning that you'll have to check back each day to find more items with DNA on them.

Give Donald the Slimy Stocking. Ew.
Give Donald the Slimy Stocking. Ew.

At this point, you need to find two more Slimy Stockings, but you'll have to wait five days each for them to spawn.

On day five, check the Peaceful Meadow to find a Slimy Stocking that belongs to Goofy and take it to him. On day ten, check the Forest of Valor to find a Slimy Stocking that belongs to Merlin and take it to him. After following their respective dialogue and quest sections--and speaking with Donald throughout the process--you'll finally get a homing beacon that needs to be placed on Skull Rock, which is the little island off the coast of Dazzle Beach.

Place the beacon on Skull Rock and you'll get a cutscene showing Stitch's ship crashing into your valley. At this point, Stitch will be walking around the island for you to speak to. After speaking with him, talk to Donald (who should be nearby now). You'll eventually get Stitch's House, which you can set up anywhere in your valley. Pay 10,000 coins to Scrooge to repair the home, then go talk to Stitch a final time to finish the quest and unlock his friendship.

We'll keep checking every morning to see what turns up, so keep it tuned here for the next thing you need to do on your quest to unlock Stitch. In the meantime, find all our Disney Dreamlight Valley guides in one place.

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