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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Unlock Gaston

Belle and Beast may not be too thrilled.


If you've ever wanted to start a bit of drama, you may want to invite Gaston to your valley in Disney Dreamlight Valley--we're sure Belle and Beast won't be particularly happy about it. When you're ready to get Gaston, read on for how to make it happen.

How to unlock Gaston in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To unlock Gaston, you first need to own the A Rift in Time expansion, then proceed through the opening quests until you reach The Glittering Dunes. Once you've made your way to this area, Gaston can be found standing by the sand waterfall on the far west edge of the map.

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Speak to Gaston, who will inform you he's in need of sustenance and send you to track some things down for him in The Glittering Dunes.

  • Green Spiky-Leafed Plants - These are Agave, which are found throughout the biome
  • Flexing Spider-Like Thing - This is a Scorpion, which you can fish up in the sand near Gaston
  • Sweet Brown Raisin Things - These are Dates, which are found on the trees around the area

With everything collected, return to Gaston, then follow him to his encampment. When he's done talking, you'll need to find three clues nearby.

  • Coconut Husks by the barrels near the barbeque
  • Homemade Glude in the chest behind the tent
  • Paint Palette on the boxes near the tent

After speaking with Gaston again, you'll find that you need to open the path to The Wastes to continue your quest, which requires 4,000 Mist. After doing so, you can talk to him at the eastern edge of the area.

Speak to Gaston, then fish up an item called "... LeFou?" from the quicksand right beside him. Afterward, you'll be tasked with finding the Desert Scarab Piece in The Plains using your Hourglass tool. From what we can tell, the location is randomized within The Plains, so just keep trying and you'll get it after a few tries.

Speak to a holograph of Jafar at a spot of your choosing, then return to Gaston once more. After speaking with him here, you'll receive the "The Wild Tangle's Swarm" quest, which will ask you to wait for Gaston to "re-center himself", so you'll have to give him some time before you can continue.

Once a few hours have passed, you'll be able to speak with Gaston once again. You'll then be tasked with going to talk to Rapunzel, so do just that. She'll send you to seek out Swarming Insects in The Grove.

You'll find the Swarming Insects in the northeastern section of The Grove near the entrance to The Lagoon. Take a picture of the swarm and show it to Rapunzel, who will then ask you to collect some flowers to make arrangements. You'll need to find the following:

  • Green Fly Trap x4
  • Purple Fly Trap x4
  • Red Pitcher Plant x4
  • Yellow Pitcher Plant x4
  • Tropical Wood x12

All of these items can be found in the Wild Tangle biome, so just keep walking around looting everything until you've collected enough for each, then craft two Carnivorous Floral Arrangements at a crafting bench.

Your path to recruiting Gaston will eventually lead you to the Cave of Wonders.
Your path to recruiting Gaston will eventually lead you to the Cave of Wonders.

Return to the swarming of insects and place the Carnivorous Floral Arrangements right beside it. Now go speak to Gaston again, which will prompt you to, well, return right back to the swarm of insects, of course. Do so and pick up the second Jungle Scarab piece, then seek out a Hologram Station to speak with Jafar.

Access the blueprint in your inventory, then find a Timebending Table to craft the cleaned-up Jungle Scarab Piece using three Dream Shards and 1,000 Mist. After speaking to Jafar yet again, you'll be set to visit Gaston one last time.

After speaking with Gaston, follow the flying scarab north until it stops and you can interact with it. After a short cutscene and some dialogue, enter the mouth of the sand tiger to find yourself in the Cave of Wonders.

Use our Cave of Wonders guide to see yourself through all of the puzzles within. Afterward, you can leave the Cave of Wonders and speak to Gaston outside. Exhaust his dialogue to find that he'll finally join your valley.

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