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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Unlock EVE

WALL-E's companion has arrived!


Disney Dreamlight Valley's A Rift in Time expansion is packed to the brim with new content, including intriguing biomes that feature plenty of stuff that can only be found on Eternity Isle. Among these exclusive additions to the game is EVE, WALL-E's lovable companion. Here's how to unlock her as a villager in your valley.

How to unlock EVE in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Unlocking EVE will require you to own the A Rift in Time expansion and complete its opening quest.

Early on, Jafar upgrades your pickaxe, allowing you to break small copper rocks. Return to the bridge near where you first arrived on Eternity Isle and break the rocks there, then cross over to find EVE on the other side. Speak to her, then return to Jafar.

Head back to where you met EVE and enter her nearby house. Inside, remove all the debris on the ground until a piece of paper falls out. Read it to receive a memory, then go speak once more to Jafar.

Jafar will ask you to seek out a secret area nearby, so make your way back to Scrooge McDuck's new shop and notice a path that leads back to some small copper rocks blocking a path forward. Break them, then go into the secret area.

The path ahead leads you to the secret area to find EVE's memory.
The path ahead leads you to the secret area to find EVE's memory.

Open the chest in the secret area to receive two blue bags. Open them from your inventory to get the Robot Costume and Robot Hat. Equip these and speak with EVE again to receive a recipe book to make Best Fish Forever.

EVE's favorite meal

Collect these ingredients needed for EVE's favorite meal.

  • Celery - Purchase celery seeds from Goofy's Stall in The Docks, then plant and harvest them.
  • Cumin - White flower-looking herb located throughout The Docks.
  • Robot Fish - Fished up in golden ripples at The Docks.
  • Sea Snail - Fished up in blue ripples at The Docks.

With all of these ingredients collected, cook a Best Fish Forever meal, then take it back to EVE. Pick up the Royal Hourglass behind her and go speak with Jafar at the broken bridge.

Finally, you can head back and talk to EVE to begin a new quest called "Directive: Danger!" In doing so, you'll need to take pictures of four locations around the dock, but luckily, they're all very easy to spot. Here's what you need to take picture of:

  • The tree looming over the well
  • The boat upon which you arrived to Eternity Isle
  • The sunken doorway between the two waterfalls by EVE's house
  • Any of the stone heads inside the hallways leading to the broken bridge

When you talk to EVE again, you'll find that you need to progress the main story a bit more before you can wrap up her quest. Continue onward and solve Jafar's requests for fixing the broken bridge, which will take a bit of time. Afterward, though, you can take some pictures. Here's what you need to take a picture of:

  • Rapunzel
  • A boat in The Grove sitting atop a large rock
  • Any of the fly traps in the jungle areas
  • Gaston
  • A snake
  • The massive waterfall of sand on the eastern edge of The Plains

When returning to EVE a final time and exhausting her dialogue, you'll finally have her unlocked as a villager.

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