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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Ride The Rides

You can take a ride on any of the various attractions you've accumulated from Star Paths and the Premium Shop.


Disney Dreamlight Valley has a myriad of ways in which you can interact with its world, but you haven't always been able to ride any of the rides you decorated your valley with. But thanks to the Thrills & Frills update, you can now hop on any of the interactable rides you've obtained via Star Paths or the Premium Shop. You can even take photos on them! Here's how to make it happen.

How to use the rides in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Riding rides in Disney Dreamlight Valley isn't particularly straightforward, as you can't just walk up and interact with the rides to hop on. Doing so simply starts or stops the ride, leaving you standing around looking kind of silly. Instead, to ride the rides you'll need do something kind of odd--equip your camera.

Getting in a ride requires you to equip your camera first.
Getting in a ride requires you to equip your camera first.

Once you've equipped your camera, you can stand near the ride until it looks as though it's been "selected", then press the action button to pull out the camera. This will place you within the ride in camera mode, giving you an opportunity to select from a wide variety of options for taking pics. You can even use this to get on rides with friends visiting your valley so that you can take selfies together!

When you're ready to leave the ride, just press the cancel button to hop back out. Just remember to always equip your camera when you want to get back on the ride later on.

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