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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get Rid Of Ice

Bust 'em up with a little help from a friend.


If you've been exploring the various biomes in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you've certainly noticed that some pathways are blocked by natural barriers. Visiting Frosted Heights will introduce you to some pretty massive ice blocks that keep you from crossing the area's bridge. In this guide, we'll tell you how to smash through those and get to the other side.

How to remove large ice blocks in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The first step to removing large ice blocks is to befriend Elsa, which will first require you to head to the Frozen realm and meet Anna, who will then ask you to complete a few more tasks to recruit her sister to your valley.

Once Elsa has made her home in your valley, you'll need to work your way through her questline until you reach friendship level six and unlock a quest called "The Singing Ice." In this quest, Elsa will ask you to find some items around the valley to craft a Cold of Winter Potion.

You'll need the following ingredients:

  • 5x Ice Chunk
  • 3x Snow
  • 1x Vial of Freezing Water
  • 1x Icy Bouquet
When you're done with Elsa's quest, you can finally clear this path across the bridge in Frosted Heights.
When you're done with Elsa's quest, you can finally clear this path across the bridge in Frosted Heights.

The Ice Chunks can be found laying around inside the Ice Cavern in Forest of Valor and are easy to spot, while Snow can be quickly found or dug up from Frosted Heights. The Vial of Freezing Water, meanwhile, can be scooped up at a glowing spot next to the water in Frosted Heights.

As for the Icy Bouquet, you'll need to first gather a White Daisy (Peaceful Meadow), Red Falling Penstemon (Plaza), and Pink Bromeliad (Sunlit Plateau). When you've gathered them all, craft the Icy Bouquet at a crafting station.

With everything collected, you can now craft the Cold of Winter Potion. Take the potion to Elsa, who will then use it to upgrade your pickaxe. With that done, you can finally break the large ice blocks and clear a path through the remainder of Frosted Heights.

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