Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get Coconuts

You'll need to befriend a certain demigod to start growing this fruit.


Getting your hands on all of the necessary ingredients to cook everything in Disney Dreamlight Valley will definitely take some work. In some cases, these ingredients may even require you to complete a few tasks around the valley before you can even gain access to them. Such is the case with Coconuts--but don't fret, as we'll fill you in on how to get your hands on plenty of them.

How to get Coconuts in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The first step to getting coconut trees is to befriend Maui, which will require you to head over to the Moana realm and complete a series of objectives that entice him to make his home in your valley.

When Maui has moved to your valley, reach friendship level 2 with him to unlock his first quest "Burying the Eel." This quest will ask you to speak with Goofy and round up a few items for him, including x3 Worms and x8 Softwood. Dig up the worms at the cracked spots on the ground near the water in Peaceful Meadow, and gather the Softwood near trees basically anywhere in the game.

Once you unlock these tropical trees, just walk up to them and forage for some coconuts.
Once you unlock these tropical trees, just walk up to them and forage for some coconuts.

Take the worms and wood to a crafting station to make an Eel Trap, then head down to the dock on Dazzle Beach to place it in the water. After doing so, fish nearby to reel in an eel, which you can then take back to Maui.

Maui will ask you to plant the eel, so dig a spot somewhere in your valley and bury the fish there, then water it repeatedly until it finally sprouts into a coconut tree. Once it does, you can harvest Coconuts from it, allowing you to both complete Maui's quest and begin cooking dishes that require the fruit. Additionally, more coconut trees will spawn on the beach for further harvesting.

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