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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Change Dream Styles

Equip costumes to your villagers with a few quick button presses!


Disney Dreamlight Valley is one of the most creative and customizable cozy games available, featuring a wide variety of ways for players to make their village their own. Of course, one of the most intriguing aspects of the game is its focus on beloved Disney characters, all of which sport unique personalities that bring the game to life. If you're looking to add even more flair to these villagers, though, you'll want to equip them with Dream Styles, intriguing costumes that completely change their aesthetic. Here's how to change Dream Styles.

How to equip Dream Styles in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To change a character's Dream Style in Disney Dreamlight Valley, open your menu and head to Collections tab, then select the Characters section. Scroll down to the character whose Dream Style you want to change and click on them.

Some Dream Styles, such as Dapper WALL-E, must be purchased from the Premium Shop.
Some Dream Styles, such as Dapper WALL-E, must be purchased from the Premium Shop.

Once you've selected the character, you'll be given a list of their available Dream Styles. Select the one you want to equip, and that character will now wear your chosen costume.

Keep in mind that these costumes must either be purchased from the Premium Shop or earned via quest completion or a Star Path. Each one is obtained in its own unique way, so make sure to read the description of any unobtained Dream Styles to find out if and how you can get it.

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