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Disney Dreamlight Valley - How To Catch Kingfish

This one is trickier than some fish because it only spawns during certain hours.


There are a lot of fish to catch in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and while most of them are simply specific to certain color puddles, a handful of these water-dwellers can only be caught during certain types of weather or times of the day. That's the case with Kingfish, which you won't be able to catch unless you visit Dazzle Beach when the time is just right. Here's how to catch one.

How to catch Kingfish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Kingfish can only be caught in the Dazzle Beach biome at night. This means that any quests or tasks you have for catching them will have to wait until the sun sets, which can be a bit of a bummer when you're trying to get things done. But once nighttime arrives, you'll be free to head down to Dazzle Beach and start fishing.

Kingfish can be fished up in the Dazzle Beach biome--but only at night.
Kingfish can be fished up in the Dazzle Beach biome--but only at night.

To catch a Kingfish at night, look for blue puddles in the water, as these have a high chance of rewarding you with this elusive fish. However, even fishing late in the day doesn't always guarantee you'll catch a Kingfish on your first cast. Keep at it with those blue puddles, though, and you'll eventually get what you're after.

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