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Disney Dreamlight Valley Critters: Their Favorite Foods And How To Feed Them

Each animal has a favorite food, but it isn't always clear what it'll be.


Disney Dreamlight Valley provides plenty of friendships to develop with classic Disney and Pixar characters, but there are a variety of other creatures desiring your attention--or more specifically, your food. Scattered around each of the biomes in the game are critters that you can feed, and doing so will earn you rewards like cosmetic items and Dream Shards. Every critter is a bit different, though, as they all have a particular method of getting them to sit still and a favorite food that will offer better rewards. Here's all of that info in one place for you.

How to approach each critter and what to feed them


Squirrels are found in the Plaza. Unlike some animals in later biomes, these little critters will generally just run up to you and wait for you to feed them when they're hungry.

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Favorite Food: Peanuts


Rabbits are found in the Peaceful Meadow. When they're interested in food, they'll run away from you just a bit and bounce up and down. Follow them and you'll notice they run away and do it again. Keep following them and letting them bounce three times and they'll finally let you feed them on the fourth stop.

Favorite Food: Carrots

Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles are found on Dazzle Beach. If they're hungry, you'll be able to approach them, at which point they'll hide inside their shell. Simply stand there briefly until they pop back out and allow you to feed them.

Favorite Food: Seaweed


Raccoons are found in the Forest of Valor. These critters are fast-moving and hard to keep up with, but when they're hungry, they'll sit in one place and stare at you from afar. This is your opportunity to move closer to them quietly and slowly, only walking forward when they seem relaxed. If their head is up and looking around cautiously, they'll run from you again. Eventually, you'll get close enough to get the prompt to feed the little buggers.

Favorite Food: Blueberries


Crocodiles are found in the Glade of Trust. They scurry around quite a lot, but like Raccoons, they'll stop and watch you from afar when they're hungry. When you see them standing still and glancing around cautiously, that's your cue. Move slowly towards them when their heads are down, then stop as soon as they begin to look around again. Eventually, they'll plop on the ground and await some chow.

Favorite Food: Lobster


Sunbirds are found in Sunlit Plateau. They flutter around the area quickly, but there's not anything special required to approach them as long as you can manage to keep up with 'em.

Favorite Food: Every color variation of sunbird has its own unique favorite food. See below.

  • Emerald Sunbird - Green Passion Lily
  • Golden Sunbird - Sunflower
  • Orchid Sunbird - Pink Bromeliad
  • Red Sunbird - Red Bromeliad
  • Turquoise Sunbird - Pink Houseleek


Foxes are found in Frosted Heights. They're sociable creatures when they're hungry, so they'll run up to you and bark for you to follow them. Chase them around wherever they take you long enough and they'll eventually let you give them some grub.

Favorite Food: White Sturgeon


Ravens are found in the Forgotten Lands. These corvids can be spotted pretty easily flying about and minding their own business, and getting their attention isn't too hard. Approach them slowly, then wait for them to fly around in a circle examining you for a brief time before finally settling down and letting you feed them a five-star meal.

Favorite Food: Any five-star meal


Monkeys are found in Ancient's Landing. These little fellows want to be chased around like Rabbits and are very picky eaters. After you follow them around for a bit, they'll finally accept some food from you.

Favorite Food: Banana Split


Cobras are found in the Glittering Dunes. These slithery little serpents function similarly to Racoons and Crocodiles in that you'll need to slowly approach them when their heads are not up looking around. With some patience, though, they'll finally allow you to feed them.

Favorite Food: Eggs


Capybaras are found in Wild Tangle. These laid-back creatures require basically no effort whatsoever, as you can just approach and feed them at any time. Easy enough!

Favorite Food: Cabbage

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