Disney Dreamlight Valley: Character Sleep Schedules Guide

Everyone's got to sleep sometime.


One way that Disney Dreamlight Valley differentiates itself from many games in the cozy genre is its focus on expansive character interactions. These include things like taking on in-depth quests that send for beloved Disney characters, or simply spending time with them so that they can help you with things like mining, foraging, or fishing.

With so much to do with each individual character, you'll need to be able to link up with these valley residents as often as possible. But depending on what time of day it is, they could be sleeping, which leaves you waiting for hours until they're available for hanging out again. But hey, don't get frustrated if you find someone snoozing away--just check out this efficient cheat sheet to help you remember when they'll wake up!

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Disney Dreamlight Valley character sleep schedules

Characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley sleep for 4 hours each per day unless they simply don't sleep at all, as with Merlin and Scrooge McDuck. Here's every character's sleep schedule.

CharacterSleep Schedule
Anna4 AM - 8 AM
Ariel6 AM - 10 AM
Beast7 AM - 11 AM
Belle5 AM - 9 AM
Buzz Lightyear10 PM - 2 AM
Donald Duck7 AM - 11 AM
Elsa3 AM - 7 AM
Eric7 AM - 11 AM
Fairy Godmother6 PM - 10 PM
Goofy5 AM - 9 AM
Kristoff10 PM - 2 AM
Maui1 AM - 5 AM
MerlinDoes not sleep
Mickey Mouse10 PM - 2 AM
Minnie Mouse7 AM - 11 AM
Mirabel10 PM - 2 AM
Moana10 PM - 2 AM
Mother Gothel1 AM - 5 AM
Nala6 PM - 10 PM
Olaf3 AM - 7 AM
Remy6 PM - 10 PM
Scar2 AM - 6 AM
Scrooge McDuckDoes not sleep
Simba1 AM - 5 AM
Stitch10 PM - 2 AM
Ursula6 PM - 10 PM
Vanellope7 AM - 11AM
Woody2 AM - 6 AM

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