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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Cave Of Wonders Puzzles Guide

Find your way through the Cave of Wonders with us!


If you're following the main story quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley's A Rift in Time expansion, you'll eventually come across the Cave of Wonders. When entering, you'll find that there are multiple mirror puzzles inside that need to be solved to open the doors leading to the Jewel of Time. Here's how to make it to the end of the Cave of Wonder.

How to solve the Cave of Wonder puzzles in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Cave of Wonders entrance
The Cave of Wonders entrance

Inside the first room of the Cave of Wonders, take a left and clear the Splinters of Fate in your way, then pick up the Power Coil and place it in the slot nearby. Return to the main section of the room and pull the switch there to open the first door.

In the second room, go up the stairs on the right and down into a room with an unpowered Power Coil in the center. In this room, you need to create a path of power from the Power Coil in the back of the room to the unpowered one in the center. To do so, interact with the circular stones surrounding the unpowered Power Coil.

Starting from the stone closest to the Power Coil in the back of the room and moving clockwise:

  • Turn the first stone one time
  • Turn the second stone three times
  • Turn the third stone two times
  • Turn the fourth stone one time
  • Turn the fifth stone two times

With the Power Coil now fully powered, remove it from the pedestal and head back to the last room.

This is how the room should look when you've successfully powered the Power Coil.
This is how the room should look when you've successfully powered the Power Coil.

Take the left stairs this time. Clear out the Splinters of Fate down the left path here and pick up the Ancient Mirror. Pull both switches in this area to get a beam of light to fire toward the entrance of the room. Approach where the light ends and place the Ancient Mirror on the wall there.

Back in the central room, pull the switch to raise the mirror here and send one of the lights to the right side of the large forcefield door. Place the Power Coil from earlier in the slot next to the right stairs to power up another beam that will land on the left side of the forcefield door. Pass through and follow a linear path to the Jewel of Time.

After grabbing the Jewel of Time, you can use a nearby exit portal to head back to The Wastes and continue your journey. If you find that you need any further help with Disney Dreamlight Valley, check out our comprehensive guides hub.

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