Disney Dreamlight Valley: Breaking The Code Quest Guide

Here's where to find Maurice's Design Pages and more!


Once Belle has joined your village in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you'll be able to begin leveling up her friendship to earn her various cosmetic items. Early on, you'll encounter her level 4 friendship quest titled "Breaking the Code," which tasks you with finding Maurice's Design Pages to help her design a Translation Machine. Here's how to complete the quest after you've unlocked Belle and Beast.

How to complete Breaking the Code in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Belle will give you the "Breaking the Code" quest when she reaches friendship level 4, and it'll have you once again return to the Beauty and the Beast Realm to find three of Maurice's Design Pages.

The first Maurice's Design Page can be found in Beast's quarters next to a portrait.

Maurice's Design Page 1
Maurice's Design Page 1

The second Maurice's Design Page can be found in a corner of the library.

Maurice's Design Page 2
Maurice's Design Page 2

The third Maurice's Design Page can be found in the courtyard maze. You'll spot it near a tree next to another piece of paper you can read, but the page you're looking for can be picked up like the previous ones.

Maurice's Design Page 3
Maurice's Design Page 3

Return to Bell once you've found all three of Maurice's Design Pages. She'll then task you with acquiring a Motherboard from WALL-E, which only requires you to track him down and speak with him about it. However, you'll also need to find the following materials:

  • Softwood x30
  • Tinkering Parts x4
  • Glass x20

When you've obtained everything you need, head to a crafting station and craft the Translation Machine, then give it to Belle. You'll then have to answer some questions. Luckily, even if you get them wrong, you can simply retry the answer until you get the right one. That being said, you can speed things up with the correct answers below:

  • "Philippe"
  • "Everybody knows it's in Chapter 3"
  • "...a clock, of course"

And with that, you'll have completed Belle's "Breaking the Code" quest. For more help with Disney Dreamlight Valley, check out our comprehensive guides hub.

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