Disney Dreamlight Valley - All Goofy Stall Locations And Inventory

Here's where you can find all of the Goofy Stalls in Disney Dreamlight Valley and what is sold at each location.


In Disney Dreamlight Valley, a Disney character filled take on the farming/life sim genre, the entire economy hinges on you selling unwanted goods to Goofy. Goofy runs multiple stalls throughout the valley, each offering a different variety of seeds and produce, depending on which stall you go to.

There are a total of seven stalls, one in each of the unlockable biomes. Each stall requires an initial purchase to open the stall, with two more upgrades needed to unlock the full inventory. The cost of each stall and its upgrades varies from biome to biome, but the earlier ones are on the cheaper end, with the late-game biomes being much more expensive, with the upgrades running between 1,000 coins and 25,000 coins. Each stall can be accessed once you unlock its corresponding biome.

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All Goofy Stalls Inventories

Peaceful Meadow

This biome is unlocked as part of the tutorial at the beginning of the game, located in the central part of the Peaceful Meadow, to the east of Merlin's house.

  • Lettuce Seeds - 3 Coins
  • Apples - 50 Coins
  • Wheat Seeds - 1 Coin
  • Lettuce - 12 Coins
  • Carrot Seeds - 10 Coins

Dazzle Beach

This Goofy stall is located near the pier on the southeastern coast of Dazzle Beach.

  • Sugarcane Seeds - 5 Coins
  • Corn - 24 Coins
  • Tomato Seeds - 8 Coins
  • Sugarcane - 29 Coins
  • Corn Seeds - 15 Coins

Forest of Valor

The Forest of Valor Goofy Stall is centrally located, right off the river.

  • Bell Pepper Seeds - 12 Coins
  • Onions - 255 Coins
  • Canola Seeds - 25 Coins
  • Blueberries - 58 Coins
  • Onion Seeds - 50 Coins
  • Canola - 164 Coins

Glade of Trust

The Glade of Trust Goofy Stall is located just east of Mother Gothel's massive treehouse.

  • Rice Seed - 35 Coins
  • Spinach - 62 Coins
  • Spinach Seed - 45 Coins
  • Lemon - 67 Coins
  • Okra Seeds - 135 Coins
  • Okra - 171 Coins

Sunlit Plateau

Located in the eastern part of the Sunlit Plateau, near the entrance from the main Plaza and just west of the Elephant Graveyard.

  • Chili Pepper Seeds - 20 Coins
  • Cotton Seeds - 42 Coins
  • Zucchini Seeds - 30 Coins
  • Chili Peppers - 117 Coins
  • Soya Seeds - 60 Coins
  • Soya - 104 Coins

Frosted Heights

Centrally located in the Frosted Heights, right off the river.

  • Cucumber Seeds - 40 Coins
  • Cucumber - 239 Coins
  • Eggplant Seeds - 95 Coins
  • Asparagus Seeds - 150 Coins
  • Cherries - 83 Coins

Forgotten Lands

The Forgotten Lands Goofty Stall is located in the central part, just north of the Pumpkin house and east of the Fast Travel Well.

  • Pumpkin Seeds - 275 Coins
  • Potato - 189 Coins
  • Potato Seeds - 55 Coins
  • Pumpkin - 996 Coins
  • Leek Seeds - 120 Coins

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