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Disney Announces A New Pixel RPG Called... Disney Pixel RPG

It's not too late to change the name before September.


Disney has announced a new game for iOS and Android called Disney Pixel RPG that's seemingly being released on September 9, according to the App Store's page. It's a free-to-play game but in-game purchases will be available.

The story follows various Disney characters and their worlds suddenly being invaded and broken down by gooey monsters. It's up to the player to trek across these worlds and connect these worlds again. So far, the characters that have been confirmed to be in the RPG are Maleficent, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Ariel, Baymax, Genie, Aladdin, Winnie the Pooh, Aurora, and Stitch.

The gameplay itself looks like it'll have a turn-based battle system, complete with simple touch controls and an auto-play function. Additionally, players can send out their characters on expeditions while they're away from the game and bring back items.

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The game's App Store pages also mentions that other Disney characters and properties will make an appearance. These include Mulan, Peter Pan, Zootopia, and The Aristocats.

The premise of Disney Pixel RPG sounds a lot like the Kingdom Hearts series, but it's a more casual and family-friendly take. However, fans of the series might have to wait as Kingdom Hearts IV is reportedly aiming for a 2025 release. For Disney fans, though, Epic Mickey is making its return later this year with Epic Mickey: Rebrushed

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