Disney abandons Star Wars 1313 trademark

The Patent and Trademark Office website shows that Disney has allowed the game's trademark to lapse.

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Disney has abandoned the Star Wars 1313 trademark according to an update to the United States Patent and Trademark Office website.

Originally revealed at E3 2012 as LucasArts' next-gen Star Wars third-person action adventure, Star Wars 1313 was canceled in April 2013 when Disney shut down LucasArts, only a few months after acquiring the rights to Lucasfilm and all things Star Wars from its creator, George Lucas, for $4.05 billion.

According to the government website, the trademark was abandoned because "no Statement of Use or Extension Request timely filed after Notice of Allowance was issued." While this doesn't necessarily mean we will not see some aspects of the game appear later on under a different title, it shows that Disney isn't interested in its name, and maybe the premise of its story.

Named after level 1313 in the subterranean metropolis beneath the surface of the planet Coruscant, details that emerged about the game after it was canceled revealed that the movies' iconic bounty hunter, Boba Fett, was to be its protagonist.

At the time of its announcement, LucasArts said that the game was being developed with the help of artists across the Lucasfilm organization, including LucasArts, Industrial Light & Magic, Lucasfilm Animation Ltd, and Skywalker Sound.

We recently reported that Star Wars 1313's former creative director, Dominic Robilliard, has joined Sony Computer Entertainment America as a design director for an unspecified project.

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