Dishonored to get Game of the Year Edition

Bundle details and release date unconfirmed; Australian version listed as "modified".



Dishonored appears set to receive a Game of the Year Edition, according to a listing by rating body, the Australian Classification Board.

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The GOTY version will presumably bundle the original stealth/action game with all previously released downloadable content: Dunwall City Trials and its 10 challenge maps; The Knife of Dunwall, which allowed players to take on the role of assassin Duad; upcoming expansion The Brigmore Witches, which is scheduled to release in mid August; and the Void Walker’s Arsenal, a collection of retailer pre-order bonuses.

No release date was confirmed in the report, though while Dishonored was rated as "original", the Australian Game of the Year version is currently marked as "modified", often denoting changes or edits made specifically for the region. The bundle has been rated MA15+ for moderate impact themes, language and sex, and strong impact violence. A spokesperson for Bethesda, the game's publisher, was unavailable to comment as to what, if any, changes have been made to the local version of the game.

In November last year, Bethesda confirmed that sales for the game were "far exceeding" expectations, making future games in the franchise likely.

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