Dishonored Tales - Creative Writing Contest

Win an autographed copy of Dishonored for the PS3 or X360 in this creative writing contest!



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“Once upon a midnight dreary the mysterious mischief makers of Dunwall gathered to tell their Dishonored Tales ”

In honor of Mischief Night, we're having a creative writing contest for the new hit Bethesda game Dishonored.

Your dare for Dishonored Tales is to research the city of Dunwall and craft your own mischievous story that takes place in its plague stricken streets. Should you wish, you can join with your artistic cohorts to tell your story of Dunwall. Tales can feature the characters and lore encountered within the game or be twisted to suit the chronicle.

One of the best known stories is the “Tales from Dunwall”, an eerie three part video which gives a brief glimpse into some of the creepy goings on of this small fishing city. The Awakening, The Hand the Feeds, and In the Mind of Madness.

Once you’ve concocted your fantastic fable, create a blog (Minimum 500 words) and link to your blog in the official contest thread.

You will have until Friday November the 16th to submit your story.

But wait, what do you get for participating? Not only will you receive a dishonored emblem but you will also be in the running to win an autographed copy of the game (one PS3 and one X360 copy) and a secret bonus Bethesda goodie.

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Don’t qutie fancy yourself a spoony bard? Well perhaps your artistic skills could be put to use. GameSpotters will be giving the option to work in a team: one writer and one illustrator. Images need to be 400x400 minimum the art must be an original creation, you can not simply copy paste from somewhere. However if you wish to modify existing art that is acceptable.

If you are entering this challenge as a team you must send an email to and include your team name as well as who is a part of said team.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask them in the official contest thread. Good Luck and Start Writing!

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