Dishonored 2 PC Update Out Now, Attempts to Fix Performance and Mouse Problems

It's only available in beta for now.


Arkane and Bethesda have released the first post-launch update for the PC version of Dishonored 2, which has been facing some issues since its release last week.

Dishonored 2 arrived on launch day (or technically, a day earlier) with frame rate and mouse issues. Those are the two areas targeted by today's update, which coincides with the release of new Nvidia drivers--version 375.95, available here--that it's recommended you download before playing. AMD users should still be using the 16.10.2 drivers, with Bethesda saying to "[l]ook for more information from AMD on CrossFire support in the near future."

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Today's 1.1 update features only three fixes specifically related to mouse sensitivity, an issue on AMD cards with cloth physics, and CPU task priority.

Here are the full--and very brief--patch notes:

  • Mouse improvements, including a fix for sensitivity being framerate dependent
  • Fixes an AMD cloth physics issue, which impacts framerates at various points in the game
  • Fixes an issue affecting CPU task priority - the game no longer switches CPU task priority

This update is currently available only in beta, so it won't download automatically. You'll instead need to opt in for it through the usual process on Steam. Directions for doing so follow below.

  • Log into Steam.
  • Right Click on Dishonored 2 in your Library.
  • Select Properties.
  • Select Betas.
  • A drop down menu will appear. Select BetaPatch.
  • Select OK.
  • Wait a few minutes for game to update.

"Our work on Dishonored 2 continues," Bethesda's announcement states. "Update 1.2 development is underway and will address a broader range of issues including performance and is estimated to be available in the next week."

The company said last week that it would provide an update (what's turned out to be 1.1) in the "coming days." Its original response pointed to specific settings that could be adjusted to improve performance. It's also recommended that you shy away from higher graphical settings unless you have high-end hardware.

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