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Disgaea Spin-Offs Prinny 1 And 2 Are Coming To Switch

Prinny's PSP adventures are coming to Nintendo Switch in a collected edition.


Prinny, a penguin who started life as a character in the Disgaea series before spinning off into two PSP games, is coming to Switch. Prinny 1•2: Exploded and Reloaded collects together Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero? and Prinny 2 in one package, complete with upscaled graphics.

In the Prinny games, you have 1000 lives to get through every level. They're side-scrolling platformers that are known for being pretty difficult. You can check out gameplay from the new Switch version in the trailer below.

The first Prinny game received an 8/10 in the original GameSpot review, and reviewer Tom McShea wrote that it was "an undeniable success, even with a few missteps along the way." Prinny 2 was scored 6/10 in its own review, again by McShea: " Not only does Prinny's second effort fail to fix (Prinny 1's) problems, but it also adds new ones that sap away most of the joy present in the first game."

The collection is due to release in autumn 2020, and has not been announced for other systems. You can visit the game's official site and sign up for updates.

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