Disgaea Infinite US-bound this May

"Adventure novel" spin-off of strategy series casts players as Prinny protagonist searching for a would-be assassin.


Disgaea Infinite

The Disgaea series of strategy role-playing games continues to expand its horizons. Nippon Ichi Software America today confirmed that it will be introducing the franchise to a new genre this May, when it releases a localized version of the "adventure novel" PSP game Disgaea Infinite in North America.

Etna and the rest of the original Disgaea gang will return for the spin-off.
Etna and the rest of the original Disgaea gang will return for the spin-off.

In Disgaea Infinite, players will take on the role of a Prinny, a demonic penguin-like servant in the thrall of original series protagonist Laharl. When an assassination attempt on Laharl is foiled, the young demon lord orders the player to uncover who is responsible. As the Prinny, players can use a magical clock to inhabit other characters' minds and piece together the assassination puzzle in the process.

This is not the first time Nippon Ichi has dedicated a spin-off Disgaea game to the Prinnies. Last year, the publisher released the side-scrolling action game Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? for the PSP. That game launched to a glowing critical reception and was nominated for Best PSP Game, Funniest Game, and Best Boss Fights (a category that it won) in GameSpot's Best of 2009 awards.

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