Disgaea Bleach-es Dark Soul on DS

Nippon Ichi's original grid-based strategy RPG set to join new installment in VIZ Media's popular supernatural samurai slasher on Nintendo's portable this summer.


A little over a week ago, Nippon Ichi America revealed it would be landing a third wave of combustible penguins on North American shores later this year with Disgaea 3 on the PlayStation 3. While the latest Prinny onslaught will update the cult series with a 3D face-lift, NIA isn't quite ready to abandon the series' traditional 2D stylings.

A very-much unlocalized shot of Disgaea DS.
A very-much unlocalized shot of Disgaea DS.

Following on the coattails of the 2007 PlayStation Portable redux Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness, NIA said today it would be bringing an updated version of the original Disgaea to the Nintendo DS this July. NIA promises that the DS version of the game will include "several key improvements" to the original grid-based tactical role-playing game, but did not go into explicit detail as to what these updates entail.

With the second season of Bleach premiering on Cartoon Network March 1, Sega confirmed today that it would be following up last year's well-received Bleach: The Blade of Fate for Nintendo's portable this summer with Bleach: Dark Souls. Sega notes that Dark Souls offers an exclusive storyline that takes place between the first and second seasons of the show, and the game will feature a variety of the anime's voice actors.

Four-way brawling in Bleach DS.
Four-way brawling in Bleach DS.

Japanese outfit Treasure will again be adapting VIZ Media's Bleach anime, and promises Dark Souls will offer a range of enhancements over Blade of Fate, including the ability to play as 44 different characters, 30 new spirit cards, and the addition of a variety of new Bankai special moves.

The game will also pack in seven additional gameplay modes, as well as support for four-player multiplayer bouts using the DS's Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and DS Download Play. Dark Souls will also include an encyclopedia to help players keep track of the complicated world of Bleach.

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