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Disgaea 4 arriving for PS3 in September

NIS's latest infernal turn-based strategy RPG given narrowed release window on Sony's console; naming contest under way.


The gates of the Netherworld will soon be reopened. NIS America today announced that Disgaea 4 will be available for the PlayStation 3 in the US this September. The game is expected to arrive in Europe this fall.

The Netherworld appears to have frozen over.
The Netherworld appears to have frozen over.

Disgaea 4 will incorporate a graphical overhaul over the previous flagship installment in NIS's quirky turn-based tactics role-playing game. And while the studio has also revamped the series' battle systems, it will retain many of the series' most familiar aspects.

Characters like "Dark Hero" Axel and the penguin-like servant Prinnies will be returning, as will many familiar character and enemy types, all rerendered to take advantage of the new engine.

Beyond announcing Disgaea 4's release window, NIS said that it is accepting entries for the Come Up With a "Dis-name-a" Contest. The promotion challenges gamers with submitting names for a weapon, a special skill, and a character, with the idea that the winning entry will be included in the retail version of the game. Those interested in participating can do so on the game's official website.

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